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Wendy Walker is our top gambling experts at Choice Online Casino. Leran all she knows about the best online casinos in the UK.

Top Eight Games with Lowest House Edge

Low house edge

Finding games with the lowest house edge is important if you’re going to make a from casino gaming. The payout percentage is essential because it will let you know how much you’re most likely to get from the game. You have probably heard the saying “the house always wins” when playing games at land-based casinos. […]

What Software is Used in Casinos?

Online gambling sites use the latest software to ensure that players have the best gaming experience. What’s more, casino software ensures that all the games are fair. So, all those who believe that gambling games are rigged can rest assured that they are not. You should not be concerned about casino games being rigged because […]

Are Live Casinos Really Live?

Many novice casino players don’t believe that live casinos are live. The question is the difference between a regular online casino and a live casino. In general, casino gaming has become very popular among UK casino players. Plus, a lot of people like playing gambling games in the comfort of their own homes. Playing online […]

How Do Casinos Verify ID?

Identity Verification at Casino Sites

Casinos verify ID by using smart technological devices. These devices don’t only verify your identity, they also verify your age and your registration. The casino will need certain information from you to start verifying all these factors. If you’d like to know more about KYC (know your customer) methods at a casino then read more. […]

Can You Win Big at a Casino?

Casino Biggest Wins

Yes, you can win big at a casino. Many players in the UK have won millions of pounds while playing casino games. If you have the right strategy, you can win a lot of money at a casino. However, you need to have the right tips and play games with the right odds. You can […]

Do Mobiles Have Casinos?

Best Mobiles for Gambling

The internet has casinos for mobiles. There are many mobile gambling sites that you’ll find in the UK. That’s because new cutting-edge technology makes it possible for mobile casinos. In most cases, you’ll find that the casinos are compatible with most mobile devices like iPhones and Samsung. That means major operating systems like Android and […]

How Do You Collect Winnings from Online Casinos?

Winnings at Casinos

Collecting your winnings from online casinos is part of the fun of gambling. You want to be able to celebrate your victory. Once you win big, you will need to request a payout from the casino to spend your funds. If you’re not familiar with how to request a payout from any casino, we’ll show […]

What is the Best Strategy for Picking Lottery Numbers?

Every player has a way of choosing lottery numbers.  Some players enjoy analysing previous draws to see if they can spot patterns. At the same time, others use their Zodiac signs to choose the numbers. No matter which method you choose, the draws are always random. However, there are ways that you can use to […]

Does Keno Use an Algorithm?

Online Keno Algorithm

Keno does have an algorithm that does require expert knowledge to know the game. Although keno is a game of luck, there is an algorithm that makes it work. That’s why people have devised strategies that will help you win big. Some keno players believe that you can see a keno algorithm by looking at […]

What Are the Advantages of Online Gambling?

Advantages of Gambling Online

Online gambling has a lot of advantages for internet casino players in the UK. You’re privy to some benefits that other players don’t have access to as a player. For example, you can claim casino bonuses that are more lucrative online than at land-based casinos. Plus, there’s the convenience of playing real money games at […]