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What Prepaid Cards Work for Gambling Online?

What Prepaid Cards Work for Online Gambling

Since the UK parliament banned credit cards used for online gambling, gamblers will have to make a few changes.  Soon you will not be able to deposit funds using your credit card. The ban will be effective from the 14th of April 2020.  Therefore, the clock is ticking. If you have been using credit cards […]

The Share Value of Casinos Falls After UKGC Announcement

Share Value Of UK Gambling Operations Drops

The share value of UK gambling operations has taken a dip due to the announcement that the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) made about reviewing the maximum stakes at casinos. The Commission stated that it would consider lowering the maximum stakes that are allowed at online gambling operations. The amount that the stake will be reduced […]

Voluntary Ban Could be Imposed on T-shirt Gambling Sponsorships

Voluntary Ban on Tshirt Sponsorships

A voluntary ban could be imposed by various UK sportsbooks in the United Kingdom. The suspension of aggressive gambling marketing is also a consideration for the bookmakers. If these measures are put in place, then this would come as an extension of the TV gambling marketing ban, which is also known as the whistle-to-whistle ban, […]

Sazka Group May Compete for UK Lottery Operating License

Sazka Group in Bidding Contest

Sazka Group has been reported to be considering entering the competition for the UK National Lottery Operating License. The company that is based in the Czech Republic has claimed that it has a proven track record when it comes to franchising. The company believes that it is ideally placed to take over the Lottery License […]

Gambling Affiliate Industry Facing Stricter Laws Possibility

Gambling Affiliates Facing Stricter Laws

The gambling affiliate industry in the UK has come under the spotlight as the House of Lords’ Committee on the Social and Economic Impact of the Gambling Industry reviewed gambling laws. Factors such as gambling in professional sport as well as advertising on TV and social media platforms to underage gambling were not the only […]

Local Gambling Legislation Asked to Be Toughened Up

Local Gambling Legislation Discussed

Local gambling legislation has been asked to be changed to reflect strict gambling measures. A Belfast Councillor, John Kyle, has shared with the media that the gambling laws in Northern Ireland are not strict enough. The Councillor has asked to have these regulations toughened up. The Councillor also shared that the local gambling legislation in […]

OPAP Signs New Sports Gambling Deal with Playtech

OPAP Signs New Deal

OPAP has signed a new sports betting contract with Playtech. The terms of the agreement state that the Playtech BGT Sports (PBS) will provide the Greek sports betting operator access to its digital platform, Quantum. OPAP will be the first company that will be using the newly established sports betting digital platform. OPAP hopes that […]

Irish Football Association Ends Gambling Sponsorship Deal

Irish Football Association

The Irish Football Association has decided to end its deal with the betting operator SportPesa. The Football Association of Ireland (FAI) announced last weekend that it would terminate the two-year deal that it has with SportPesa. This decision was one of the final acts that were taken by the outgoing CEO, John Delaney. The FAI […]

Hamilton Academical Head Coach Facing 10-Match Football Ban

Hamilton Academical Head Coach Banned

Hamilton Academical head coach could face a 10-match football ban after he confessed that he breached the Scottish Football Association’s gambling rules. He won’t be present for ten football matches. However, the suspension of five of the matches will be imposed immediately. The other five matches will be suspended pending good behaviour until the summer […]

Fianna Fáil Promises to Ban Credit Card Use on Online Gambling Transactions

Finna Fail

Fianna Fáil has promised Irish citizens that they will ban the use of credit cards for gambling transactions. It has also pledged to create a gambling regulator in Ireland if they are elected the governing party. The Irish Republican political party has further promised to impose the “whistle-to-whistle” wagers when they are elected. This week, […]