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BetWay Faces Some Grooming Allegations in the UK

Grooming Allegations have been levelled against one of the biggest sports betting platforms in the United Kingdom. Campaigners have even gone as far asking the UK Gambling Commission to reveal the ownership of Betway. The online gambling operator received a lot of criticism when it was reported that it sent “grooming” messages to gamblers that were on a losing streak. The message allegedly prompted these gamblers to continue gambling.

This came after the many cases that involved gamblers who had been lured into gambling by Betway were revealed. After the grooming allegations came out, anti-gambling activists called for the UKGC to details about Betway, including the name of the owner.

The UK press has reported that the ownership structure of Betway is not adequately transparent. There are even reports that the online gambling operator can be traced back to a shell company in the British Virgin Islands. Following these revelations, UK MPs have pressured the UKGC to find out more about Betway.

Grooming Allegation Levelled at Betway

UKGC Refuses to Reveal Betway Ownerships Details After Grooming Allegations

Even after the mounting pressure on the gambling regulator to reveal ownership details about Betway, the UKGC has refused. The UK Gambling Commission stated that data protection legislation protects Betway. The betting company has also declined to disclose the owner’s details. The structure of the company has also raised a lot of questions regarding gambling licensing. Anti-gambling activists have questioned whether the UKGC was justified in granting licensing, given the dubious structure of the company.

Betway Claims it is Compliant in All Aspects

Following the grooming allegations that came out against Betway, the company told the press that it has complied with regulations. It further claimed that it had shared all the necessary information with all the regulatory boards. Betway has also made a point of letting the press know that it is tax compliant.

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