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Top Guide to Blacklisted Casinos

Blacklisted casinos are gambling sites that have misbehaved in the casino industry. The adjective ‘badly’ may seem like a too broad a description, we mean casino sites that have shady business practices. There are a few things that we look at before we classify  UK online casinos as rogue. It is essential for casino sites in the UK to adhere to the regulations that have been set by the relevant authorities.

Our blacklist was designed to place all those blacklisted casinos that don’t always do business most ethically. The criterion we use to determine that a gambling site is not ethical is quite stringent. We want to make sure that the sites that we have recommended for you are the best and will offer you the best. Things such as an inconsistent advertisement of results as well as a lack of accountability will factor in our testing. We will give a full list of what it takes for an online gambling venue to be considered rogue.

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Reasons Behind Blacklisting Casinos

It is important to warn other casino players about a casino that continually receives complaints, and those complaints are ignored continuously. If a gambling site has failed to meet the basic requirements of a casino, it has to be included in the blacklist. Here is the list we use to determine whether a casino can be trusted or not.

  • Non-payment of winnings- As a player, we know that you are playing for fun. However, above the entertainment value is the possibility that you will win a prize, which comes in the form of cash. So, when you do win the prize, it is not a crazy notion to expect your winnings in the quickest time possible. The instant payment of player winnings has become the standard, especially with the emergence of innovative online payment methods. Unethical online gambling houses will hide behind the shady reason of why you haven’t received your money. While others will straight out lie to you. These are the types of casinos you should avoid.
  • Lack of Random Number Generator Software- we know that it is possible to go through an extended period of losing and it is equally the same for winning. However, when a casino site fails to use RNG software that makes sure that all casino game results are random, then that is a problem.
  • False Advertising – This pertains to casino sites that tend to trick players with their fraudulent bonuses and rewards. These are the gambling that you need to avoid when you are looking for a casino site to use.
  • Excessive Communication – Some gambling sites will not adhere to the best marketing practices. We consider that terrible business, it is ok to make contact players, but it should not be done excessively.
  • Poor Customer services – customer support is one of the most critical factors when It comes to good casino operations. It is essential that gambling sites respond promptly to players. If they take too long or they don’t respond at all, we consider this bad practice. This point is what we will factor in when we are considering casinos to the blacklist.

Casinos that are Blacklisted

Several blacklisted casinos are not trusted by many casino players and reviewers alike. We have compiled a list below of casinos that are blacklisted.

Betfair – failing to honour a happy hour bonus for players. The casino made a mistake, and the players took advantage of that mistake, and Betfair would not acknowledge it. The gambling site confiscated players’ winnings and would not return them.

BetVoyager – This casino made a regulation that encouraged players to spam other gambling sites before they could receive their winnings.

Casino 1×2 – This casino site ran out of money and did not pay players what was due to them. They also accepted deposits from new players even though there was no way of paying them.

Curgam Group – Players were refused their winnings and when they complained they were outright ignored. On top of all of that, they used excessive communication. Players were sent a lot of emails with advertisements.