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Can I Play Keno from my Phone?

Play keno, a classic casino game such as the lottery, using your smartphone or tablet. Serious gamblers don’t like keno since it is a luck-based game. Along with its cool origin story, this casino classic has an air of relaxed charm that anyone can enjoy.

Check out this guide if you’d like to learn more about playing keno using your Android and iPhone. Plus, we recommend the top keno apps.

Best Keno Apps

Why You Should Play Keno on Your Phone

Keno apps are the best way to play Keno games. While using their mobile devices, people can utilize apps to access fun and useful information. iPhone/iPad users can download apps exclusively through the Apple App Store – aka iTunes store. Apple, then, offers Keno apps for iPhones and iPads. iPhones and iPads are common everywhere people go. Playing keno on the go is easy with apps that let you play the game. Apple products cannot be used with apps that let you gamble or play with real money, and all apps are free.

Keno apps allow you to play free using credits or coins, and you can win more credits or coins if you play more. One thing that makes mobile devices so popular is that you can play your favourite games via apps.

You might find it difficult to look through all of the apps on iTunes. It gets confusing, and people don’t have as much fun as they would like. By limiting the things, you want to examine, you can simplify the process. Keno apps for iOS are listed below:

Best Keno Apps for UK Players

1.         Power Nova Keno

The graphics of this version of the game are better than those of a basic version. You still have to follow all the rules. As much as 20 times, you can choose from the 80 numbers in the game.

Our method of revealing the numbers is to draw the ping pong ball imprinted with the numbers and reveal it. Through the game, a significant amount of virtual winnings has been accumulated.

2.         Keno Keno

A bouncing ball Keno game in Las Vegas-style is possible with the Keno Keno app. Additionally, you can play classic dice games like Yatzy addict, Video Poker, Keno 20 multi-card, Keno 4 multi-card, Bingo classic and Farkle addict.  With quick pick, you can quickly select a number from 1 to 10. Images and sounds in casino backgrounds will make you feel like you’re at the casino. With this app’s in-app purchases, you can buy more credits to prolong your playtime. It is required that iPhones running iOS 6.0 or later run smoothly.

3.         Keno 4 Card

You play 4 Multi Cards with KENO 4 Card, a keno app based on Las Vegas-style transactions. Depending on what you choose, you can wager between 1 and 10. What’s more, you can choose on each of the 4 cards and choose between 2 and 10 on each of the 4 cards. Quick pick can be used to choose numbers and variable Game Speed to choose the game’s pace. Keno is a free game app that you can download from iTunes, and if you need more credits to play, you can purchase them in-app. Keno can only be played on iOS6.0 and later phones.

4.         Keno Gold

Bimza Games, the same company that created Keno Tap, also produces Keno Gold. It offers game multipliers, free bonus rounds, and extra balls, among other exciting features. Regardless of age, everyone can take advantage of the app. The sounds and graphics of Keno Gold evoke the sense of a casino. Just like a casino, you will take care of your money when you’re done.

If you need more coins to play, you can buy them in the app. iOS 7.1 or later is required to run this app on your iPhone.

5.         Absolute Keno

Keno can be played for free on this app.  At Absolute Games, you can earn coins and bonuses. When you play keno every four hours, you get a free coin. Classic Keno and Keno Keno with a twist can be played with great odds and high payouts. With turbo mode, you can see results even faster while playing keno without paying. The game can also be played offline if one picks 20 or fewer numbers from 80 numbers.

There is no charge for this app in the iTunes store, but you may purchase additional coins and Keno powerups to enhance your gameplay and enable you to play longer. Compatible with iPhones running iOS 7.0 or later.