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Can You Make a Living Playing Slots?

Can you play slots for a living? There’s no easy way to answer that. People who make their living by gambling are few and far between, but they do exist. The most played game of gambling online is poker. During a poker game, for example, the rake can be equal to the house edge. A bonus is that players don’t compete with each other for money from the casino, but each other’s money. Gambling differs from poker in most cases, however.

Read this if you want to know whether you can make a living playing online slot machines.

Slots for a Living

Casino Games to Play to Make a Living?

Casino games are not something that’s commonly found in the working world. In the past, Bob Dancer earned a living by playing video poker, but since then, the game has changed dramatically. Additionally, casinos that offer lower comp rates, as well as video poker machines that pay full payouts, are harder to come by.

According to several authors, controlling the dice can greatly improve your chances of winning at craps. Compared to dice control, video poker has a higher success rate.

Therefore, there are no stories of people making a living from playing table games like baccarat, roulette, and slots. These games lack a story, but are they still playable? We believe so, too. It would be a bad idea to quit your day job until you begin winning at slots consistently.

Steps to Playing Slots for a Living

  1. Taking your slots online gambling seriously is like treating it like a business. For example, if you live near a casino or a casino state and you want to make $100.00 a day tax-free, the average person works for about $100 a day. So, you too can aim to earn that much when you start playing slots for a living.
  2. Players who are smart have ample bankrolls to last them a while. You have to keep in mind that at any given time you may lose or win big. When you play you need to be prepared for any result because slots are highly dependent on luck.
  3. Make sure you choose a slot machine that has a high payout. For example, you can choose a slot game with a percentage from 86% to 99%. So, this means that over time you can expect a payout of 99% if you are consistent with your gameplay.
  4. The average slot machine player can earn a nice £120.00 a day profit. So, if you consistently play slot machine games with a high payout then you can earn a living from that.
  5. Game providers have their own way of designing slot machines which are different. If you are planning on playing slots for a living you need to make sure that you are playing slot machine games that you are familiar with.