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Can You Cheat at Blackjack?

Cheat at Online Blackjack

In this article, we will examine how players can cheat at blackjack and how blackjack dealers can cheat players. In no way do we endorse cheating. It is neither recommended nor legal. Blackjack cheating is quite difficult for a lone player. It’s still done by snatching some chips and scurrying like hell. Read this article […]

What is the 5 Card Rule in Blackjack?

5-card Charlie Rule in Blackjack

The 5 card rule is also known as 5 cards Charlie, which gives the house an edge of 1.46 percent if a player has 5 cards and does not bust. This option isn’t common in both online and land-based casinos since it favors the players. Additionally, there are six, seven, eight, and nine cards, Charlie. […]