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Get the best casino guides on casinos games and new casinos. Learn how online gambling sites in the UK work. Find out how to win while playing online.

What is the Safest Bet in Craps?

Safest Bet in Craps

As you may know craps is loved by many people in the gambling world. Even though it was created 500 years ago because it has the safest bets. The game is loosely based on another game called hazard that has references in books from the 14th century. The game of craps was then transported to […]

What Numbers Hit the Most in Keno?

Keno Games

Keno games are quite popular in the United Kingdom. So, it is no surprise that people would look for guides that help them figure out what numbers hit the most in Keno. While the numbers that are generated from a keno game machine are random, because, many gambling sites use Random Number Generators (RNG) to […]

A 17th Century Underground Casino Found in Russia

17th Century Underground Casino

An underground casino was discovered by archaeologists in Russia. Researchers think this new find will shed some light on how gamblers were able to hide their gambling activities after Tsar Alexis made gambling illegal. He was concerned about his subjects and their love of gambling which led him to this decision. He took his decree […]