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Get the best gambling guides in the UK. will bring you top strategies on how to gamble online and win.

Online Gambling Mistakes for UK Players

Online Gamblimg Mistakes

Online gambling mistakes are common, especially for new casino players in the UK. Making mistakes is normal when all you want is to get right to the exciting part: Winning. However, that means you will learn all the other online gambling aspects the hard way. For example, how to handle losing money and avoid unreasonable […]

What Are the Odds of Winning at a Casino?

Best Casino Odds

Learning the odds of winning each casino game is the first step in winning the big bucks online. Each casino game is unique because the odds are not the same. When you have a basic understanding of probability, you will learn to gamble to your best advantage. You don’t need to be a maths genius […]

Do Casinos Like High Rollers?

High Rollers at casino Sites

High rollers hold a very coveted spot at many online gambling sites in the UK. These gamblers get to enjoy many benefits that other gamblers at the casino don’t have access to. High rollers are sometimes called whales at casinos. So, yes, casino operators like high rollers at their casinos because they spend more and […]

What is a Casino Bankroll?

bankroll management system

A casinos bankroll refers to the money you have in your gambling account to play your favourite gambling games. Bankroll can also refer to the casino’s amount of money to pay out players when they win. Many professional players know how to manage their money well. Plus, they know how to stretch their bankroll using […]

What is a Good House Edge?

Good Casino House Edge

The house edge describes the mathematical advantage a gambling game has holds over you. With this advantage, the casino has a guaranteed percentage return over time.  And you have a guaranteed percentage loss over time.   Gambling providers use the house edge to cover the costs of providing their games like paying their staff, maintaining […]

Will Casinos Ban Consistent Winners?

Casino Banning

Management cannot ban you out of an online casino if you walk out with many winnings. It doesn’t matter if you walked out with online or physical winnings. The casino must pay you if you win a jackpot unless the malfunction can be proven.   If casinos ban their big winners, what do they gain […]

How Long Do Casino Withdrawals Take?

Casino Withdrawals

Withdrawals vary from casino to casino. Usually, online casino deposits are straightforward, but withdrawals can cause some confusion. Withdrawing real money from online casinos often requires additional steps. Therefore, it is only natural for new players to be confused. We wrote this guide on how to withdraw from online casinos to clarify any confusion. How […]

Can You Gamble on Your Phone?

Mobile Phone Gambling

The answer is yes, you can gamble on your phone. Casino gambling has become mobile in the same way that mobile devices have displaced PCs as the preferred method of Internet access. A growing number of people are playing mobile games. Smartphones, often known as mini-PCs, feature powerful processors, high-resolution screens, and sophisticated operating systems. […]

How is RTP Calculated?

How to Calculate RTP

Calculating RTP is easy, but you need to know how much you wagered to do so. Playing 100 auto-spins and betting £1 on each will give you an average outcome of £96. Your account balance after these 100 spins should be higher than £96. If it’s lower, that indicates you have been running worse than […]

How Can I Win Gambling?

Win at Gambling Games Easily

You can win gambling games at the best casino websites in the United Kingdom. Gambling is not the only way to earn money. And there are even easier ways to do so. The amount of money you can make as a professional gambler is six figures. However, there are only a few things you can […]