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Do Casinos Like High Rollers?

High rollers hold a very coveted spot at many online gambling sites in the UK. These gamblers get to enjoy many benefits that other gamblers at the casino don’t have access to. High rollers are sometimes called whales at casinos.

So, yes, casino operators like high rollers at their casinos because they spend more and place large stakes. If you’d like to know more about gambling whales, all you have to do is read further.

What Is a High Roller?

There is no clear definition of what a high roller is. But the term is used to refer to gamblers that consistently spend a lot of money at a casino site. These players tend to deposit large sums of money, and they also place large stakes.

Not all high rollers get the same treatment at the online gambling site. For example, a player that bets £1000 at a single blackjack session will be treated better than someone who bets £100. However, high rollers are not the main way that a casino makes money. There aren’t a lot of whales at a casino for that.

A lot of money comes from players that bet medium stakes consistently. There are a lot of these players that the casino can attract. That’s why you rarely see high roller bonuses advertised at online casino sites.

High Rollers at casino Sites

Casino Benefits for High Rollers

There are many benefits offered to high rollers that regular players cannot get. For example, you might get a chance to win a sports car if you’re a high roller. Plus, the perks are not always bonuses for casino games. Some casinos offer rewards such as limousine rides, concert tickets, and vacation trips.

When it comes to casino rewards, high rollers get to enjoy the following:

  • Higher deposit and withdrawal limits.
  • 24/7 casino account managers.
  • Invitations to exclusive tournaments.
  • Access to games with higher limits and higher payouts.
  • Casino VIP access and rewards.

How to Become a High Roller?

There is no specific task that will get you to high roller status. However, you can do a combination of activities at the casino consistently to be a high roller.  Here are some tips that can get you to high roller status at online gambling sites.

  1. Place Large Bets – one of the things you can do is place large bets over some time. You can spread these bets over several games that you enjoy or stick to one game.
  2. Make Large deposits – some online gambling sites look at how much you deposit more than you bet. When you deposit a lot of money in your casino account, the casino views this as your willingness to play regularly.
  3. Play at new and smaller casinos – new casinos tend to be small, and they often value big bets by players. When you deposit a lot of money at the small casino, you’ll be treated like royalty.
  4. Speak to Customer Service – customer service staff usually know what it takes to become a high roller at their casino. You will almost get a cheat sheet on moving up the gambling ranks when you speak to them.
  5. Start Big and End Big – if you want to be a high roller, you must place large bets from the beginning of the gaming session right up to the end.