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Gambling Affiliate Industry Facing Stricter Laws Possibility

The gambling affiliate industry in the UK has come under the spotlight as the House of Lords’ Committee on the Social and Economic Impact of the Gambling Industry reviewed gambling laws. Factors such as gambling in professional sport as well as advertising on TV and social media platforms to underage gambling were not the only focus during the Gambling Act review. The gambling affiliate industry was also discussed.

The review of the UK Gambling Act raised speculation that gambling affiliate companies could require special licenses to operate. The Committee members shared their opinions on data management usage when it came to gambling affiliate companies. Committee members also voiced their concerns that the affiliate companies were not following rules that applied to gambling operators. These gambling affiliates generated their revenue from the losses players incurred.

The attention was not only on social media and gambling. The overall idea of affiliates in the gambling industry was also in focus. The Committee asked the top five gambling companies in the UK what they think about regulations regarding affiliates.

Gambling Affiliates Facing Stricter Laws

Top 5 UK Gambling Companies Support Strict Laws on Gambling Affiliates

The Committee members shared that the consensus of the top five gambling operators in the UK is supportive of stricter laws on gambling affiliates. Licensing was one of the points that were discussed as part of the regulation. It was pointed out that affiliates were not required to comply with laws that gambling operators have to comply with. For example, the affiliate in gambling is not necessary to comply with watershed for gambling marketing. They can also ignore the self-exclusion rule that gambling operators cannot.

The companies were asked as part of the line of questioning to justify the usage of affiliates for marketing especially on social media


The five gambling operators were asked what action they would take if their gambling affiliates did not follow the UK Gambling laws. The majority of the companies responded by saying that they would terminate their partnership with companies that did not comply with the rules. The companies also shared that licensing through the UKGC for affiliates seemed to be one of the best actions to take.

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