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How Do You Cheat at Blackjack?

It’s not easy to cheat at blackjack, and many players have gotten into trouble trying to cheat in this game. However, some players have been successful at cheating blackjack using various methods. But need to keep in mind that these methods are high-risk because you can go to prison for using them.

Below, we’ll discuss how some gamblers have tried to cheat at blackjack. We also suggest legit ways to beat the game and the casino.

Cheating at Blackjack

Common Methods to Cheat at Blackjack

Blackjack is a strategic and mathematical game, and it’s not easy to cheat the game. However, here are some methods other players have used. Please keep in mind that we don’t suggest using these methods because you could get into trouble.

1.      Marking Cards

Marking cards is easy at land-based casinos because you are using physical cards. This is a commonly used method to cheat at blackjack. Some gamblers use marking pens or a dye to mark the cards.

However, some players use certain high-tech methods to mark the cards. That is to ensure that the dealers cannot see which cards have been marked. Some simple methods involved scratching the card or creating a small hole.

You don’t have to mark all the cards because fewer will give you an advantage. Marking cards is a well-known cheating method in blackjack. That’s why players use a special dye that can only be seen with special eye contact.

Some players can see which hole card the dealer has and play using a strategy to win.

2.      Switching Bets

Changing your bets is a cheating method known as past posting or late betting. After seeing the final result on hand the method tries to increase or decrease the bet. For example, if you start with £100, place four £25 bets on green chips before getting the King and Queen.

While the player starts dealing with the cards, you can add two extra £25 bets on the initial bet. This will increase your bet to £150. In the end, you will win on a £150 bet instead of the £100 original bet. The dealer might end up going bust or getting a smaller total.

Alternatively, if you see that you’re about to lose, you can change your bet to a single green chip from the stack. This is another basic form of blackjack cheating that players hope the dealer will not see.

3.      Dealer Exploitation

You can exploit the dealer by bribing them to let you cheat at blackjack. This method is not easy because the dealer and the player are essentially opponents. It’s also quite impossible to find a dealer that’s willing to risk their job for a single game of blackjack.

Another way to make sure that you see the dealer’s hole card is by having a partner. Your partner can see if the dealer is careless and flashes their hole card too much. Then your partner can give you signals about the dealer’s card.

4.      Switching Cards or Chips

This method is similar to the switching bets’ method. However, there are several ways to switch cards that are different from changing bets. Ricard Marcus is one of the players that made millions off of switching cards.

He found out that the $5 chips and the $500 chips at a particular casino did not look different. So, he would put two $5 chips on top of the $500 and when he lost, he would switch out the $500 chip. That means that he would only lose $15.

However, when he won, he would tell the dealer what the chip’s value was and win $1000.

5.      Lying About Your Actions

Being able to cheat at blackjack requires you to lie tactfully. So, your lies need to be convincing enough for the dealer actually to take back his card. Lying is one of the most basic forms of cheating that you will find at casinos in the UK.

Blackjack Cheating Methods Have High Failure Rates

Casinos know about all these methods to cheat at blackjack. So, you might get into trouble if you use them because the casinos know what to look out for. It’s not easy to cheat at online casinos because the casinos use high-tech. So, it would be best if you were very careful when you decide to use these methods at land-based casinos.