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Offshore Casinos have Sidestepped Gambling Rules in the UK

Offshore casinos have chosen to show advertisements on Google to users. It has been found that UK gamblers that have a problem with gambling still have gambling ads being displayed to them. These ads are displayed even after they have tried to exclude themselves from any marketing material that involves gambling.

An Algorithm that is used by Google still allows online gambling sites to promote their products to UK users. Some of these offshore casinos have even admitted that they have been able to sidestep software programmes and some limitations that have been installed to prevent such marketing material from reaching users with a gambling addiction.

Recently published reports have shown that even when users have installed self-exclusionary programmes such as Gamstop, they have been able to access offshore casinos. The self-exclusionary programmes ensure that players are unable to access any material that is gambling related, including marketing material. Many have said that this kind of advertising may attract more vulnerable gamblers.

Offshore Casinos

Members of Parliament Call Casino Adverts Immoral

Some members of parliament in the UK, such as Carolyn Harris, have described this practice as immoral. When gamblers from the UK search Gamstop on Google, they also receive suggestions of offshore casinos. These overseas casinos more often than not accept British players. Many have seen that countless games have been advertised to vulnerable players. These games include blackjack, roulette, online slots and many others.

Some of the searches on Google found that these adverts even included links to the Gamstop website. Carolyn Harris said that Google is not necessarily to blame for this particular situation. She pointed out that in some way, the search engine is also a victim of the immoral behaviour of the offshore casinos.


The all-party parliamentary group is expected to convene and start discussions about issues that are related to the offshore casino adverts. The gambling marketing material is considered as undermining the regulations that are set by the government.

The CEO of Gamstop, Fiona Palmer, told the media that she is concerned about the kind of impact this kind of advertising may have on those who have a problem with gambling.

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