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Best Badugi Poker Guide for Players

Play Badugi Poker at top UK Casinos Badugi poker gained a lot of popularity in the igaming world because it is a fun and simple game to learn how to play. The action that the game has will keep any UK poker player entertained for a long time. This UK casinos game shares many of its features with other draw games. However, Badugi poker uses a different process to determine the winning hand. If you have a hand in this game, it will be referred to as a “Badugi.” The other similarities that this poker variation has with other casino games such as 2-7 Triple Draw is that it has a 52-card deck. This deck is shuffled before every hand is dealt.

So, if you are looking for the next big excitement in your igaming poker life, then Badugi poker could be the thing you are looking for. There are various bets that you can place on a game of Badugi, and you can win real money while doing it. Read further if you are interested in playing Badugi Poker.

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Page Guide to Knowing about Badugi Poker:

  • What is the game of Badugi?
  • How to play the Badugi game
  • Different hand ranking of Badugi
  • The history of this poker variation

What is Badugi?

The origin of Badugi poker seems to be very unclear to a lot of people in the gaming industry. However, many people have stated that its name could be derived from the South Korean word ‘baduik’ which translates to a black and white pattern.

Badugi poker is similar to the standard poker that you are most familiar with in any casino site on the internet. To win at a game of Badugi, you need to have the lowest ranking cards, and two of those cards must not be of the same rank or suit. The Ace in Badugi is ranked the lowest in the game.

In a game of Badugi poker, each player will be given four cards instead of five cards as in Triple Draw. There will be three rounds where players are allowed to draw. During these drawing rounds, players have the right to ‘throw-away’ up to four of the cards that are in their hand. The players are also allowed to draw the same number of cards that they have discarded. Before every drawing round there will be a betting round where gamers have the chance to place their various bets. These betting rounds will be followed by a final betting round at the end.

The main aim of the game is to ensure that you have the best Badugi hand at the end of the final betting round. As a player, you could also win when other players have folded, and you have placed a bet.

Generally, the game the Badugi poker game is played as a limit game. But that does not stop any of the British casino sites on the internet from offering the pot limit and half-limit Badugi games.

Badugi Poker for UK players

How to Play Badugi Poker

If you are quite familiar with lowball games like the 2-7 Triple Draw games or the Razz then playing a game of Badugi poker won’t be that difficult. As we have stated before the aim of the game is to get the lowest hand that contains four cards as possible. Cards such as Aces will count as low cards. You will be at an advantage if you are dealt an ace because this means that your chances of having a low-ranking hand are high. If you are dealt the higher-ranking cards like the queens and the kings, then that should be a clear indicator to you that you will have a terrible hand. The strongest hands in Badugi poker are those that don’t contain pairs or cards of the same suit and are low-ranking.

Badugi Hand Rankings

Unlike the standard poker, Badugi has different hand-rankings. Using the common 52-card deck, the card is ranked from lowest (ace) to highest (King). Here is a list of the varying card ranking:

  • If your hand contains a diamond five, diamond nine, three of spades and a club joker card. Then this means that you can only use one diamond card. Which means that this is a three-card hand.
  • If you have a seven of hearts, four of diamonds, an Ace of clubs, and a four of spades, then it means that only three of the cards can be used because you have two cards of the same numerical value.
  • Then a three of hearts, a six of clubs, an eight of clubs as well as six of spades. This would mean that you only have a three-card hand because one card with the value of six has to be discarded.
  • If you have a three of hearts, a six of clubs, an eight of clubs as well as a three of spades, then you have a two-card hand. You have to remove two cards because you have two cards that belong in the same suit and two other cards that have the same numerical value.
  • If you draw a 10 of diamonds, a 10 of clubs, a 10 of spades and an 8 of clubs, then this means you have a two-card hand because two of the other cards have to be discarded.
  • An eight of hearts, a King of diamonds, a five of clubs as well as a Queen of spades would be considered a four-card hand. This hand is also known as the ‘Badugi’, but you have to keep in mind that this is not a good hand because of the high-ranking cards in hand.

How to Bet Badugi Poker

Badugi Poker can be played as a fixed limit game, or you can decide to switch it up and choose to play the pot limit or the half-pot limit. The turn to deal will pass clockwise after every hand. In a game of two or more players the title ‘small blind’ is given to the player that is seated to the left of the dealer, while the player to the right of the dealer is called the ‘big blind.’

The dealer will deal out four cards to each player. These cards will be dealt with facing down. The dealer will not give out the four cards all at once. He will deal them out one at a time. The players will have the chance to look at their cards before the initial betting round will start. The betting round will start with the player that is to the left of the Big blind. Usually, the minimum bet that the first player has to place is equivalent to that of the Big blind.

If all the other players do nothing more than call, then the player that placed the big blind bet is allowed to bet first. After each drawing round when every player has had a chance to draw cards, then another betting round will begin.

History of Online Poker: Badugi Facts

Many people don’t know how the Badugi poker game got onto the internet. But the prevailing idea is that it was first played in South Korea during the 1960s and the 1970s. many poker experts think that the game has been translated from the Korean game called ‘spotted dog.’ The game requires players to get cards that belong to different suits.

The game then became popular among the soldiers that were stationed in Vietnam around the 60s and the 70s. The game was then exported to the American market when they returned home. If you wish to play the game, then you can do so at any of the gambling sites that we have suggested.

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