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Pai Gow Online Poker

Online pai-gowOnline Pai Gow poker is one of the most popular casino games in the UK. This version of poker was created in the United States, although it has Chinese origins. While the ancient Pai Gow is played with domino tiles, this poker game is played at a table with a deck of cards. Some consider the game as a combination of seven card stud and Chinese dominoes. It has all the thrill and excitement that is required for a casino game.

This game was developed for people who love some variation in their style of playing. Many people love this card game. The digital version of Pai Gow has transcended the simple poker game. In the gambling industry, the game is considered a wild table game. Since the rules of the game aren’t that familiar to a lot of people, we thought we should help you. If you are struggling with the rules, then read further and you will be informed soon enough.


Online Pai Gow

Popular Pai Gow Casinos


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Getting to Know the Game

Pai gow poker is quite simple to learn. The game is played with a deck consisting of 52 cards. The Joker is considered the wild card in a few occasions.  This is different from Video poker, where the Joker is entirely wild. In Pai gow the Joker can act as an Ace of it can help you get Straight flush, a royal flush or a variety of those results.

To start, you have to place your bet. The minimum amount that you’ll have to place is dependent on the gambling site that you have chosen. When you have satisfied with the amount and the bet you have chosen, you can click on the deal button, and your cards will appear to you.

You will receive seven cards in total. Which would require you to make two hands – One hand will consist of five cards while the other had hand has two. You have to make sure that the hand with five cards has better cards the two-card hand.

The poker system that is used in traditional poker is used in online Pai gow. Once you have formed your two hands, you can ask to see what cards the dealer has. The dealer will play the same way you have played.  If you want an in-depth explanation of online pai-gow rules, please read the Pai gow rules page.

How to find the Best Online Pai Gow Sites

If you want to make sure that you are playing at a leading gambling site for Pai gow, then you have to follow the following steps:

Look for the Pay-out percentage – The higher the pay-out percentage is, the better it is for you. The percentage is the amount of money the gambling site will pay to you on the amount of money that has been wagered. If there is a 98% pay-out that means that the casino will pay-out £98 on a £100 bet.

Find the Highest bonus offer – rewards are very popular with casino sites. This means that you have to find the digital gambling house that offers the highest bonus rewards. Most of the time, you are rewarded on the first deposit you have made. Make sure that the percentage of the reward is high.

Make sure the Gambling site is safe – The internet gambling site has to be safe and secure when you play. This is even more important when you are going to use your financial information when you register. If the casino site is not registered with the UK Gambling Commission, then you should not continue with it.

Look for additional features – The best Pai Gow casinos will also offer fast pay-outs and several deposit options for players. If you find a site that does this, then you have hit gold. The gambling sites that we have recommended have gone through rigorous tests to pass. If you don’t feel up to researching your casinos, you can always choose some of our leading gambling sites.

Online Pai Gow Strategy

The best way to play Pai gow is to create a hand where you have split up a seemingly good pair of cards. Here are seven strategies you can use when you are playing.

  • If you find yourself with a pair, make sure that it is within your five-card hand. Then you can isolate the next two highest cards.
  • The highest-ranking pair of cards should be in your 5-card hand.
  • The highest-ranking cards should isolate three pairs.
  • If you have a three of a kind then keep it together, don’t isolate it.
  • Should you have a full house, make sure you isolate the pair of cards.
  • You should not split straights and flushes unless you have two pairs.
  • Look at the cards you’re holding and ranking. The lower ranking cards should be split while the higher-ranking cards should not be split.

Online Pai Gow FAQs

Here are a few more answers to some of the questions you may have.

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