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Online Slot Volatility UK 2022

Online Slot VolatilityThe term slot volatility is often used in connection with slots. In other words, it refers to the degree of risk associated with a game.  While also disclosing how often and how much it is expected to produce winnings. Volatility is usually classified as low, high, and medium.

It is expected that low volatility slots will provide players with frequent but small wins. While high volatility sets space out their payouts, the risk involved with waiting can be justified given the size of the wins.

In terms of intensity and size, medium volatility games offer moderately high winnings between the two extremes. You will learn what volatility is in this guide. We will be providing information and details regarding the volatility index of the slot machines we have tested. While we’re at it, we will assist you in determining what volatility is right for you.

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What Does Volatility Mean in Slots?

Online casino players tend to use volatility to predict the performance factor of slots during their game. As well as planning their bankroll, they estimate how long it will last. Thus, the volatility of slots tells players how likely it is that they will hit a winning combination. And walk away with big wins.

Slot volatility can also tell you how much you might win. Sometimes, you’ll play slot games that don’t always guarantee a win but promise large prizes. Choosing a high volatility slot is a good idea. Slots with low volatility offer small wins with fewer pay lines. But they are often rewarded with winning combinations.

Casinos both online and offline often use the term slot volatility to describe their games. Online slots are easier to measure for most players and casino enthusiasts. The terms variance and volatility are interchangeable because they mean the same thing. You can use variance or volatility.

Slot Volatility vs Variance

The variance of slots is more important than the differences between high and low volatility. If you’ve played slots before, you may have already developed a winning strategy. To create a winning strategy for slots, you probably already know you have to put some effort and research into it. Players also study the return on investment, also known as the return to player.

But nowadays, it is more important to understand how volatility works. The game we play requires us to know what we can expect from it. Playing slots is, after all, not just about winning money. It’s also about having fun. Regardless of how much money you have. Knowing how much money you will likely win and the volatility can help you choose the best slots. Losing too much can also be prevented in this way.

Highest Slot Volatility

How to Determine the Slot Volatility?

The task of determining a slot’s volatility is not straightforward. It is also important to know how volatile each slot machine is from RNG software. In the online gaming industry, RNG stands for the Random Number Generator software.

Gambling industry RNGs are the heartbeat of game fairness and fun. A random number generator generates results based on a mathematical formula. Generally, casinos use number generators that generate random strings of numbers automatically.

Casinos or game providers rarely provide RNG software details. To determine the volatility of a specific slot without any other sources, you must exert some effort. Only spinning the reels can provide an answer. Getting an accurate volatility level involves a lot of spins, whether you like it or not. As a general rule, you should spin at least 100 times so you can be more certain.

Play Free Slot Games to Determine the Volatility

As a result, this type of task requires a lot of time, money, and patience. Thanks to software providers, slot game demos are also available for free. You can use this opportunity to practice playing for free before playing with real money. Without spending any real money, you can try out many test spins. However, we cannot claim that the results are 100% accurate.

A majority of casino software companies nowadays prepare their RNG programs more thoroughly than before. The software generates tons of random numbers every second. Studying the paytable of slots can also be used to determine the volatility of slots besides spinning. Pay tables also indicate how much cash you can win from jackpots.

Moreover, it can show you the differences between the 2, 3, and 4-symbol winning combinations. The paytable indicates the highest win according to the highest bet levels so that you can compare them. The game is more volatile if the results are 40-50x larger. You should check somewhere else if the odds of winning are only slightly different from the wager levels.

It will not yield good results unless winning combinations frequently occur so that your bankroll can last for a longer time. Only progressive slots with high jackpot prizes can change this. The base game payouts on progressive slots that feature high jackpot prizes are normally small, but the jackpot payouts are typically high.

Slot Volatility and Variance

Types of Slot Volatilities

The low variance and high variance slots may already be familiar to you. This list of slot volatility includes five types to help you understand more about the ups and downs of volatility.

High volatility slots

In addition to offering many benefits, playing high variance slots can be risky. It can, however, be difficult to determine how volatile a particular slot is. Fortunately, most software companies provide factual data about the slots they provide. Providers such as NetEnt, Playtech, and Microgaming belong to this group.

There is a bigger difference between the regular and huge wins in games with a high variance. It is quite unlikely that you will land a winning combination to win a lot. Sometimes you may not win anything after a few spins, or you may win smaller payouts in the base game. So, it can be boring to play when you’re not lucky enough to land a few winning combinations on a high variance slot machine.

You can win substantial payouts when you do, however. Additionally, it is unlikely that you will win a lot of money without taking many spins. Therefore, it is imperative to properly budget your bankroll while playing slots or any other casino game. The best way to hang out in a casino is to have a large bankroll. Slot games with high volatility can benefit from this.

Slot machines with high volatility also require low bets to accommodate beginners. When you keep playing and spin more, the RTP will even out over time. It is also more difficult to figure out your balance after a session of playing high variance games due to the instability of these games.

You have to be prepared to endure many failed spins if you want to play high variance slots. To play longer and to enjoy the game more, you need to have a large bankroll. Keeping your limits in mind is the best way to ensure this. Because not every gaming session will go according to plan, you should never wager more than you can lose.

It is best to hit the jackpot on a highly volatile game if you are experienced or professional. In addition to generating a profit, they can even win big prizes that are truly mind-blowing. Playtech is a software provider which offers high variance slots with stable RTPs on medium to highly volatile slots. Therefore, you have a good chance of winning big.

Microgaming also has a decent selection of highly volatile slots. However, most of their slots are closer to medium and lower levels. If you are a fan of NetEnt, the company also offers high variance slots that usually come with a high RTP. Hence, these are the kind of games that may eat up your bankroll quickly. At the same time, it can offer you a huge winning potential.

Medium-High volatility slots

There are fewer medium-high variance slots available simply because they are a subcategory. Even so, it’s still worth knowing how it’s different from the high variance slots.  A medium-high variance slots game is similar to a high variance slot rather than a medium variance slot. However, the risks of passing their qualifications are not as high as other slots with high variances. NetEnt is a popular provider of software that creates medium-high variance slots in the iGaming industry.

Most of the released slots have medium-high features. Jack and the Beanstalk and Super Nudge 6000 are some of its most popular titles under this category. For players to be drawn to NetEnt’s slots, the company pairs fresh designs with innovative gameplays. The RTP rate of medium-high variance slots can sometimes be higher than the RTP rate of other high variance slots. Therefore, The fact that you can have fun playing these games while also winning big is a bonus.

Medium volatility slots

To get higher wins, you need to take a higher risk. This is the sort of game you should look for if you enjoy playing medium volatility slots. There is a good compromise between low volatility slots and high variance slots in medium variance slots.

For this reason, medium variance slots are popular among players, especially those who are new to gambling. Slot machines with medium variance provide more frequent wins, while prize payouts are smaller than those with high variance. Despite this, you can still get higher payouts in these games than in low variance slots.

In addition, bonus features are more likely to be found here. As a result, your gaming sessions can be less risky, and you can expect to win some decent prizes. Our favourite thing about these games is that they allow you to enjoy more spins within your budget. It’s possible to win big and play longer, even if you don’t have a very large bankroll.

You can win free spins and a big jackpot prize of up to £2.5 million in Thunderstruck II. It is possible to unlock all the features of this slot if you budget your money properly. When playing medium variance slots, you have a higher chance of landing a large win if you get as many free spins as possible.

Low-Medium volatility slots

If there are slots with medium-high variance, there will be slots with low-medium variance. Unlike the kind of slots above, these machines are meant to offer more frequent winning combinations. This slot has a smaller payout, however than medium variance slots. On the other side of the coin, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play low to middle variance slots anymore.

When you know where to look, players can still enjoy playing these high volatility slots. In addition, you must budget well to play even longer than you do in slots with medium volatility. IGT released a low-medium variance game with over 1,000 ways to win called Crown of Egypt Slot.

Like other low-medium variance slots, it offers a variety of activities throughout your gaming session. Keep budgeting in mind so that you trigger its big wins. The Go Bananas and the Sevens High slots are also examples of games with low-medium variance. When looking for a relaxing, entertaining and low-variance game, you should play low-medium variance slots.

In comparison with medium variance slots, it offers lower payouts but has a higher hit frequency. As a consequence, winning combinations are more likely to appear on the reels, increasing your bankroll.

Low volatility slots

Finally, we have slots with a low variance, which certainly is not the last. This type of volatility differs greatly from high variance slots. While it may sound easy, finding titles with low volatility that are fun and decent isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. Gaming studios like NetEnt and Playtech are known for offering low variance slots. However, most NetEnt’s slots show medium volatility even though they are considered among this category’s top providers.

To ensure that you are using your real money for good games, you should research and play free versions. Thus, you will already know what to expect from that game. Players who want a long playtime should opt for low variance slots for their first time and casual play.

This means that it also has low payouts since it is a low-risk slot. Consequently, you will receive fewer rewards than other casino slots but can land more winning combinations and unlock more features. You will also see that there isn’t much difference between your winnings and your total wager if you compare them. As a result, high variance slots cannot suddenly turn you into a millionaire.

The downside is that you may have to spend a lot of time playing to get marginal returns. There is unlikely to be much difference between your starting bankroll and end balance. Hence, if you are targeting low variance slots, you should always look for a high return to player percentage. You won’t benefit from playing a low variance slot with a low RTP.

Like those high variance slots, this kind of slot will only drain your bankroll as you play. So, graphics and entertainment also play an important role in games.

Which is better: High, Medium or Low Slot Volatility?

It is always asked what type of slot game is more rewarding to play regarding variance. Ultimately, it depends on what you can afford. Volatility levels are different, as discussed above.

You should choose high volatility slots if you are brave enough to take the high risks for the chance to win the biggest jackpot prizes. In contrast, low volatility slots are a fun, calmer way to win frequently. Slots with medium variances offer satisfying payouts without being too risky.

We should also keep in mind that there are medium-high variance slots, including both high and medium variance games. It is also possible to find low-medium variance slots that payout slightly more than low variance slots. This is an undefined situation. If you know what you’re getting into, you can select games in these categories.

There is more important here than how much money you have to play; you ought to enjoy yourself no matter what. While there are strategies for winning at slots, they can go out the window if things go wrong. It may take a while for you to forget the algorithm, the RNG, and everything else. Unless you are very lucky, slots are not the best way to win big.

The best way to choose the right game is to look at the casino bonuses first. In addition, the bonus has a significant impact on the likelihood that you will win.