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OPAP Signs New Sports Gambling Deal with Playtech

OPAP has signed a new sports betting contract with Playtech. The terms of the agreement state that the Playtech BGT Sports (PBS) will provide the Greek sports betting operator access to its digital platform, Quantum. OPAP will be the first company that will be using the newly established sports betting digital platform. OPAP hopes that this new deal will unveil other opportunities in the coming years. The agreement will also provide a toolset that will control and monitor its sports gambling operations.

Damian Cope, CEO of OPAP, has shared the news of the new deal with its different gambling outlets. He also shared with the media that this deal with Playtech is pivotal to the growth and expansion of OPAP. He further shared that it will improve performance.

The CEO of PBS, Armin Sageder, told the media that the Quantum platform had been the culmination of two years of creation. He also stated that the Quantum digital platform is going to be one of the main drivers of growth for OPAP in the future.

OPAP Signs New Deal

Playtech Also Announces New Mansion Deal Besides OPAP

The OPAP agreement was not the only deal that Playtech went into this year. The gambling operator announced that it plans to extend the current agreement it has with Mansion by another five years. The agreement is set to extend these two companies’ reach in other markets, such as the UK and Italy. The expansion deal followed the live studio casino space that Mansion included in its gambling brand

Apart from the live casino studio inclusion, Mansion has improved on gameplay tools for players with the help of Playtech. These tools include in-game messaging as well as leader board competitions. Many players who are familiar with Mansion gambling brands will have noticed CaptainUP. This is a gaming tool that has been available for Playtech customers through its Open Platform innovation.


Shimon Akad, the CEO of Playtech, told the media that the partnership with Mansion was influential in the growth of Playtech in the future. Mansion has also reiterated the same sentiments.

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