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Public Health England to Hold Probe on Gambling Harm

The Public Health England (PHE) has been asked by the UK government to investigate the harm connected to gambling. Recently there has been concern over the increasing damage that gambling can cause in the UK. The Public Health England organisation is expected to raise awareness of the potential negative repercussions of gambling. The evidence-based Investigation will also provide British people with enough information on the prevention and treatment of gambling addiction.

The Department of Culture, Media and Sports released a report on May 2018 on the subject of alterations to the fixed-odds gaming terminals (FOBTs) as well as implementing social responsibility measures. The authorities then told the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) to take a look at how effective local and international policies are in mitigating the harmful effects of gambling in the UK. This order was made to fulfil the commitment they made in 2018 on gambling in the United Kingdom.

In another attempt to look into gambling harm, the UK government has asked PHE to carry out a more comprehensive evidence-based investigation into the harmful effects of gambling and gambling-related activities in Britain.

Public Health England Investigates Gambling

Public Health England to Make Use of Various Methods for Investigation

Varying methods are going to be used in the investigation that will begin in spring of 2020.  These methods are said to be able to carry to effectively identify the various harmful causes that may affect gamblers, their families and communities.

The first thing the Public Health England is going to do is carry out an analysis of secondary data, based on quantitative studies. This analysis will, in a broader scope, focus on gambling participation for UK residents. The study will also cover the pervasiveness of compulsive behaviour when it comes to gambling. The Investigation will also include the areas where compulsive gambling behaviour is most prevalent.

PHE will also review how the different demographics in the UK are affected by gambling. These effects may include the health of people in the country.

Two More Investigations to be Conducted by PHE

Public Health England is also expected to conduct two separate investigations on gambling. The first review will be based on the risk factors of gaming and other gambling-related activities. While the other will mainly review the actual adverse effects that are inflicted on gamblers, their family and friends as well as their communities at large.

Apart from the adverse effects of gambling, PHE will also look into the economic impact that gambling may have on UK residents.