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St. Albans’ Bishop Suggests New Bill on Link Between Gambling and Suicide

St.Albans’ bishop has suggested a new bill that will mark gambling addiction as one of the causes of suicide. The Bishop, Dr. Alan Smith, has created a campaign to bring awareness to the effects that gambling addiction has on people who have taken their lives. Dr. Smith was part of the campaign that urged the UK government to ban credit cards used for gambling transactions. The credit card ban was quite successful because it will come into effect on the 14th of April 2020. The St. Albans Bishop has also been part of a campaign that calls for the reduction of the maximum bet allowed on FOTBTs.

The bill that is proposed by the St. Albans Bishop is called the Private Member’s Bill. It has already been submitted to the House of Lords. If this Bill is successful, coroners will be obligated to include gambling addiction as one of the reasons that contributed to an individual committing suicide. Anti-gambling campaigners have claimed that two suicides that happen every working day, are linked to gambling.

St. Albans' Bishop - Alan Smith

Bill from St. Albans’ Bishop Will Help UK Government

The proposed bill by St. Albans’ bishop will help the UK government deal with the adverse effects of gambling. Dr. Smith noted that many families had been negatively affected by gambling addiction through the loss of loved ones. He also stated that in most cases, young adults had become victims of suicide, which in most cases, is linked to gambling. However, he conceded that there is no comprehensive evidence that links gambling to suicide.

The St. Albans’ bishop believes that the proposed Bill will change the status quo. He also added that if the bill is successful, there will be thorough and accurate records that display the link between gambling addiction and suicide. He further noted that the records would shock the policymakers in the UK.


The St. Albans’ bishop stated that he hopes his proposed Bill will be supported by gambling operators in the UK as well as the government. He further noted that this legislation would provide information that would previously have not been available. The Private Member’s Bill will help healthcare professionals devise better mechanisms for dealing with gambling addiction. Especially for patients who are suicidal.

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