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5 Things to Know about Spanish 21 Blackjack

If you like playing blackjack then you probably like playing its variations, like Spanish 21 Blackjack. The game is not all that popular amongst gamblers, but those who know about it love playing it.

In fact, they may even prefer it to the standard blackjack game that we are all used to at the best casino websites on the internet.

The game is played by many gamblers across the world. The game is quite new when you compare it to the well-known and loved blackjack which can be considered a classic. Spanish 21 blackjack is based on the classic table game but it has its own unique set of rules as well as its own layout.

We decided to create this guide about the five most important things about Spanish 21 blackjack because not many people know what the game entails. So, if you are interested in learning about Spanish 21, all you have to do is read further.

Spanish 21

1.      The Rules of Spanish 21 Blackjack Affect the Odds

The one thing Spanish 21 blackjack has not deviated from is the fact that it is played on the same table that the standard blackjack is played. However, the only thing that is different is the fact that the layout is not the same and there are different rules.

Spanish 21 uses as 48-card French deck but sometimes a 52-card deck with the ten spot cards removed.

So, the game is played with 6 or 8 decks which are taken from a shoe. in Spanish 21 blackjack the dealer will receive a hole card which is dealt facing down.

As a player, you get a blackjack with a hand that consist of a card valued at 10 and an ace, then you will be the automatic winner.

2.      The Player’s Blackjack Always Beats the Dealer’s Blackjack in Spanish 21

So, if you draw a blackjack while playing the game then you can expect a payout of 3:2. The sweet part is that it does not matter what the dealer has.

Another significant difference between Spanish 21 and the classic blackjack game is that you can surrender at a late stage in the game. however, the dealer must not have a blackjack when you surrender.

Surrendering is good when you see that you cannot win because you can get half of your wager back.

3.      The House Edge is Dependant on the Dealer’s Instructions

The house edge will be different depending on whether the dealer has instructed to hit or stand when their hand is either a soft or hard 17.

So, a soft 17 is when the total value of the hand of the dealer is 17 with the ace included. While a hard 17 is when the dealer’s hand doesn’t have an ace but its value is 17 in total.

Also, the house edge will change depending on whether you choose to double down throughout the game or not.

So, when you double throughout the game you will get a house edge of .42% for a deck of six and a .45% for a deck of eight.

4.      The Side Bets are Different

The super bonus is one of the most popular bets in Spanish 21 blackjack. so, if a player has a triple 7 hand against a dealer 7 then they will get the bonus.

However, if you double down or split then the super bonus will be null and void. If another player at the table wins the super bonus, then the other players are legible to receive an envy bonus.

5.      Casinos Offer Insurance for Spanish 21

Many casinos on the internet offer players insurance when they are playing Spanish 21 blackjack. This means you can bet up to half of the original bet on any hand they wish to. Also, with Spanish 21 players are able to split cards that are of the same value so that they can create up to four hands.

However, unlike other blackjack variants bonuses can be paid on hands that have been split. But that will disqualify you from getting a super bonus.

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