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Voluntary Ban Could be Imposed on T-shirt Gambling Sponsorships

A voluntary ban could be imposed by various UK sportsbooks in the United Kingdom. The suspension of aggressive gambling marketing is also a consideration for the bookmakers. If these measures are put in place, then this would come as an extension of the TV gambling marketing ban, which is also known as the whistle-to-whistle ban, which was established in 2019.

This consideration of a voluntary ban comes after the top five gambling companies in the UK have a meeting with the Social and Economic Impact Committee. The meeting was also attended by Brigid Simmonds, the head of the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC). At the moment, 50% of the English Premier League teams are sponsored by a gambling company. Many anti-gambling activists have been concerned about the relationship between sportsbooks and professional football teams. The concern has also extended to the use of TV gambling advertising in the UK. Many are worried that these two factors could have a significant impact on children and vulnerable people.

Voluntary Ban on Tshirt Sponsorships

Voluntary Ban Could Reduce Relationship Between Gambling and Sports

Brigid Simmons was questioned about the banning of gambling logos on football uniforms as well as advertising at the stadium. She responded by telling the committee that BGC was well aware of the problems that are facing professional sports and gambling companies, and the organisation will be active on the issues.

Ms. Simmons highlighted to the committee that the gambling industry is quite essential to the UK economy. She noted that the gambling sector currently employs 106,000 people, with a contribution of £14 billion to the economy every year. Anti-gambling activists have called for stricter measures to be imposed on the links between professional sports and sportsbooks. These activists have asked for a full ban on sponsorships.


Some sportsbooks have been broken off their sponsorship agreements with professional football teams. These bookmakers include Ladbrokes, Coral as well as GVC Holdings. These sportsbooks have agreed that the voluntary ban should be spread wider.

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