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What is a Rollover Bonus?

A rollover bonus is a multiple of a deposit bonus that you must wager to cash out your winnings from a casino. For example, if you deposit £200 with a 10x rollover, that means you’ll have to wager at least £2000 to be able to withdraw your winnings.

Read this guide to learn more about rollover bonuses and how you can use them to your benefit.

Online Casino Rollover Bonus

Rollover Bonus Requirements

You might have heard rollover requirements being called wagering requirements. These wagering requirements must be fulfilled before you can withdraw any of your winnings at the casino. For example, you will most likely deposit some funds and claim a bonus when you sign up.

Once you’ve claimed that bonus, you’ll have to meet the rollover requirements to withdraw any of your winnings, so if you deposit £100 and the casino matches your deposit with £100 with a rollover requirement of 20x.

That means that you’ll have to wager 20 times the sum of your bankroll, which is £200. So, you will have to wager £4000 to withdraw your winnings. While this might seem like a lot of money, you might wager that amount at the casino.

So, if you play online slots, every bet you place will go towards meeting the wagering requirements of your bonus. So, if you’re used to placing £1 bets on slots, you’ll reduce the requirements by £1 every time you play.

Why Are Rollover Requirements Important?

Rollover bonus requirements are important at casino sites to ensure that they don’t lose money. If wagering requirements didn’t exist at casinos, players would deposit and withdraw funds without playing.

The rollover requirements ensure that players play some game, and the casino makes a profit. Most casino bonuses have rollover bonus requirements like poker bonuses and sports betting bonuses.

Casinos reward you with bonuses for giving you, their business. The casinos wouldn’t be a business if they gave free money to every player. However, some bonuses don’t have wagering requirements.

Casino Gaming Exceptions

Reading the fine print is important before you sign up and claim a deposit bonus. As we’ve mentioned, most bonuses come with rollover requirements. These wagering requirements may exclude certain games from qualifying in meeting them.

Some games are excluded because they have a low house edge. These games have such a low house edge that they would advantage the players more than the casino. However, some casinos don’t exclude the game completely. They reduce the impact of the bets.  For example, the casino might say that blackjack bets only count half towards meeting the requirements. That’s why it’s important to read the terms and conditions before you claim any bonuses.