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What is the 5 Card Rule in Blackjack?

The 5 card rule is also known as 5 cards Charlie, which gives the house an edge of 1.46 percent if a player has 5 cards and does not bust. This option isn’t common in both online and land-based casinos since it favors the players. Additionally, there are six, seven, eight, and nine cards, Charlie. The chance of seeing this hand is one in fifty.

It is called “5 Card Charlie” when you receive five cards in blackjack. Online blackjack and blackjack in real-life casinos are not included in this rule. Read this guide to learn more about the 5 card rule in blackjack.

5-card Charlie Rule in Blackjack

5 Card Charlie and Other Rules in Blackjack

The rules of this variation of blackjack most definitely differ from standard blackjack. Along with the automatic win rule, there can be a variety of other rules, including:

  • Split
  • Double Down
  • Insurance
  • Side Bets

To collect five cards in each hand, you need to split your cards. Moreover, side wagers do not work with this auto-win rule.

You immediately end the round if you have five cards. You can’t beat the dealer as well as get a Charlie. Every round can only end in one victory.

Why Don’t Five Cards Win in Blackjack?

It is not commonly used because it would be unprofitable for the house. It may tip the scales in a player’s favor if other rules of the game are followed. This is not possible for casinos.

Many blackjack software programs with house edges of less than 1% have real casino rules. It simply isn’t feasible to add this rule.

Casinos could also add these rules to games that have lower payouts. Yet, casinos avoid it depending on the fact that it’s not a traditional Blackjack game.

Blackjack Games with 5 Card Win Rule

Despite this, automatic win games aren’t impossible to find. We know of the following titles:

  • Blackjack 5 Card Charlie
  • Blackjack 6 Card Charlie
  • Blackjack Charlie 7

To win without checking the value of the cards, you must collect a certain number of cards. Some titles are unavailable to UK players.

It doesn’t matter, though. If you come across such a variant and want to try it out, you should know how to do it well.