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What Is the Biggest Ever Bingo Win?

A bingo win is one of the things players search for when they play online bingo. Players of this game also can win massive prizes because the game is well known for its social style and fun gameplay. The bingo game itself is primarily a chance game, which makes it a lot of fun. You can win thousands and even millions of Pounds within minutes by simply depositing just a few pennies.

At first glance, it may seem hard to believe, but you can win some pretty incredible amounts playing bingo with tickets sold for as little as 5p apiece. In this article, you will discover what it’s like to win a huge jackpot and learn to appreciate the power of a simple game of bingo.

Big Bingo Win Ever

John Orchard Wins £5.9 Million in Biggest Online Bingo Win

John Orchard, a 60-year-old grandfather from Lincolnshire, won the biggest online bingo jackpot in December 2012. There was no other online gaming victory that could compare with this one.

While working at the local jobcentre, he had just begun playing on Butlers Bingo’s website several days before his catastrophic win. Just seconds after putting down a 30p wager, he walked away from a multi-millionaire.

Anita Campbell – Wins £1 Million in 10 Days

Two major bingo wins in two weeks for this lucky mum living in Seaham, County Durham. The 27-year-old bagged two wins of more than £500,000 in 10 days through Mecca Bingo, ensuring she became a millionaire within just ten days.

According to a Metro article, her double win came after more than a year of struggling on Universal Credit.  Anita won a massive £597,000 jackpot after opening her Mecca Bingo account just hours earlier. After winning £552,000 just ten days earlier, she won an additional £550,000. Luck like this is very rare, but it’s a testament to the fact that anyone can experience it.

She moved out of the rental property she had been living in, and she gave all of the old furnishings to people she felt might use them. Her mother’s funeral windfall was also used to pay off debts, purchase a new home for her father, and fund IVF treatment for her daughter.

Christine Bradfield – First Bingo Platinum Jackpot Winner

A woman and her sister-in-law were playing bingo in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, in January 2008. Despite playing there for almost 11 years, it was a little different this night as Christine won.

During her game of National Bingo, the 53-year-old shop assistant became the world’s first Platinum jackpot winner.  It took her five minutes to win £1,101,686 in the lottery, which she split with her sister-in-law Lorraine.


The next day, Christine vowed to work at her local garage despite her winnings. Mother of 2 and grandmother of 3 said she couldn’t stay at home since she would shop all day long spending her win, and she hoped to spend a lot of it on family vacations.

Soraya Lowell – Biggest Bingo Hall Winner

A huge bingo winner in 2008 was Soraya Lowell. While playing on the National Bingo Game at the local Club3000 bingo hall in Scotland, the 38-year-old mom of four won a remarkable £1.2 million.

Her evening out with friends, which at first seemed to be nothing more than an ordinary evening, soon turned into an unforgettable experience. She immediately became a millionaire after her lucky numbers were called, and she won the Platinum Jackpot.

Having won a huge £1,167,795 prize, it surprised her so much that she immediately decided to share it with her next-door neighbour. Agnes O’Neill, 68, from Lanarkshire, was Soraya Lowell’s neighbour when she won the huge jackpot with her. She knew that she would split her winnings with Agnes because they had always had that rule.

There was an uproar when Soraya called the house on the number 90 at Club3000 bingo hall in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire. She celebrated with her family and neighbours at her home until 6 am as she jumped up and down, cheering and shouting. Despite winning, Mrs Lowell promised to return to work as a cleaner.

Sadly, the New York Times reported in 2012 that Mrs Lowell had declared bankruptcy due to unpaid bills and taxes. According to a newspaper article, her Lanarkshire home was repossessed after she could not keep up with payments on it. If you are lucky enough to win similar funds in the future, you should seek financial advice. If you need assistance with large sums of money, ensure you get the appropriate assistance.

Lisa Potter – £1.3 Million with Bingo Win Online at Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes online bingo site was one of the biggest winners during 2012 when Lisa Potter from Oxfordshire became a winner. As her husband Terry watched a 2012 Euro Championship football match, she decided to go online and entertain herself. She took a small $5 bet and won $1,364,745.23.

The couple planned to buy a new house and car and a luxury holiday for their family. Terry, the husband, was an auto mechanic earning around £30,000 a year before the win. Terry and his wife had been married for eight years.