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What is the Safest Bet in Craps?

As you may know craps is loved by many people in the gambling world. Even though it was created 500 years ago because it has the safest bets.

The game is loosely based on another game called hazard that has references in books from the 14th century.

The game of craps was then transported to New Orleans around the 1800s. In fact, the name “craps” is a mispronunciation of the word “crabs” which is a term used when referring to a 2 and a 3 in Hazards.

When someone asks you what the game of craps is about, all you have to tell them is that it is a shooting game. So, you goal as a player is to either match numbers or avoid them.

So, when you are playing you want to have the die reveal a 7 or an 11 because this will mean that it is an automatic win for you.

What you want to avoid are the numbers 2,3 or 12 because that means you will lose. So, you might want to know which bets are safest to place in a game of craps. We have all the answers that you need.

Safest Bet in Craps

Top 5 Safest Bets to Place in Craps

1.      The Pass Line Bet

This is one of the most popular bets to place in craps. Many players choose this bet with good reason because you are betting on the shooter to roll a 7 or an 11. This means that you will have an instant win.

If he rolls a 2, 3 or a 12 you will instantly lose. However, if the shooter rolls anything besides the winning or losing numbers then the shooter will have another chance to roll the dice.

2.      The Don’t Pass Bet

The don’t pass bet is another one of the safest bets you can place in craps. When you place the Don’t pass bet you are betting against the shooter. In fact, you are betting that the shooter will roll the losing numbers.

However, if the shooter rolls any other numbers instead of the winning or losing numbers, they will get a chance to roll again.

The house edge of this bet is 1.36% it is quite different from the pass line bet which is 1.41%.

3.      Odds Bets

The odds bet is another wager that you can place when you playing craps. So, when you place an odds bet you are basically adding more to the original bet that you have placed.

However, the bet is dependent on the shooter not losing in the first round of rolling the dice.

Another fact you need to keep in mind is that casinos will differ in the way that they set rules for the odds bet. Some gambling websites will allow you to match the bet you placed before while others will let you place more than the bet you placed.

4.      Betting on 6 or 8

In theory rolling the 7 is considered common in a game of craps. The second most common bet to place is either a 6 or an 8.

This bet has a house edge of 1.5% and the odds of a shooter rolling a 6 or 8 is 13.89%. So, that means that you can make some decent coin when you place this bet.

5.      Come Bet

The come bet is another one of the safest bets you can place in craps. When you place the come bet you are basically playing an on-demand pass bet.

Once the come out has been rolled you will be able to place the come bet which means that you can create you own personal pass line bet.

So, if the next roll of the dice is a 7 or an 11 then you will be able get even money for your roll.


You have to keep in mind that these bets may be the safest bets to place but they will not guarantee a straight win. But that does not mean that you cannot save your money when you have placed these bets.

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