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What are the Most Winning Numbers in the Lottery?

According to the National Lottery, six winning numbers are commonly used in the lottery. These numbers are 23, 38, and 40, drawn 306 times over the past years. While 11, 30, and 44 have been drawn 301, 302, and 297 times respectively.

The above numbers may be the most common numbers to use in an online lottery game, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use other numbers. This guide will show you how to use other winning numbers in the lotto.

Lottery Winning Numbers

How to Win the Lotto with Winning Numbers

1.      Play Overdue Winning Numbers

Some numbers don’t come around in a long time. So, logically, that means the number will pop up again at some point. For example, the number 17 has been drawn 153 times in the National lottery. So, it’s the most likely number to be drawn next.

2.      Play the Least Drawn Numbers in the Lottery

In the lottery, certain numbers hardly make an appearance in the draws. For example, the 50s are numbers that don’t often appear in lottery draws. While some may say that these numbers should be avoided, choosing those numbers may be a good idea.

3.      Choose the Most Common Pairs

It’s a good idea to choose numbers that appear together the most. For example, 8 and 10, 33 and 40 have been drawn together 46 times. Moreover, 35-39 have been drawn 45 times in the National Lottery. So, it would make sense to choose these winning numbers to win the lottery.

4.      Play Common Triple Winning Numbers

Some people believe that playing consecutive numbers is unlucky, and they avoid them. However, consecutive numbers are most commonly drawn in the lottery. So, you can never go wrong when you choose these numbers.

For example, you can choose to play 9, 10, 11 has been drawn six times in several years in the National Lottery. You can also choose 8,9, 10, or 24, 25, 26, drawn five times in the past several years. Alternatively, you can choose 2, 3, 4 have been drawn four times.

5.      Choose Common Consecutive Pairs

Choosing consecutive pairs can help you win the lottery without thinking about it. For example, you can choose to play winning numbers such as 43-44, drawn 39 times. Alternatively, you can play 31 and 32, drawn 36 times.