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What Numbers Hit the Most in Keno?

always draw online video keno numbers (RNGs). So, you’ll have to devise a good strategy to win big in keno.

Below we’ll let you know about some of the most common keno numbers that hit in keno games. You’ll also find a strategy for playing keno online at the best UK casinos.

Keno Numbers

Most Drawn Numbers in Keno

There are five numbers in keno that are frequently drawn. These numbers are called hot numbers, 1, 4, 23, 34, 72. According to statistics, hot numbers in the last 50 draws appear on average 20 times.

Then the second frequently drawn numbers in keno are 61, 67 and 74. These numbers have been drawn at least 18 times in the previous 50 draws. Here is a table of some of the most common online keno numbers:

Number Drawn Frequency
27 25.60% 5437
65 25.56% 5429
35 25.55% 5426
50 25.52% 5421
40 25.50% 5417
12 25.49% 5414
32 25.48% 5411
3 25.45% 5405
49 25.38% 5391
39 25.35% 5385
33 25.34% 5383
31 25.34% 5382
2 25.32% 5377
63 25.28% 5369
69 25.28% 5369
42 25.26% 5366
43 25.24% 5362
22 25.23% 5358
34 25.21% 5354
9 25.19% 5350
59 25.17% 5347
52 25.17% 5346


Cold numbers are those numbers that are not drawn frequently. Most keno players tend to avoid these numbers because they believe they yield unfavourable results. These cold numbers are 12, 23, and 72. While keno numbers are drawn randomly, players believe that labelling numbers as hot and cold add more entertainment.

Best Keno Numbers Combinations

Everyone wants to know which numbers are drawn most frequently because they believe they can win that way. Experienced keno players usually group keno numbers in various categories. Below we discuss some of these categories.

Most Drawn Online Keno Numbers

Many keno numbers believe that the best keno numbers of combinations are the numbers that are drawn the most. Keno is a balanced game which means that every number from the 80 numbers has an equal chance of being drawn.

Each of the numbers on the keno cards is most likely to be drawn 25% of the time. Some numbers with a slight advantage over others are 3, 12, 27, 35 and 50. Keep in mind that these numbers often change depending on the keno game.

The benefit of choosing the most drawn numbers is that you give yourself a good chance of winning. However, the percentages and frequencies are volatile.

Consecutive Keno Numbers

Some players choose to play consecutive numbers to win. However, the chances of all those numbers are slim, but you could cover an entire section of the ticket. So, when there is a hit, you’ll catch it. Many players use this technique to figure out keno winning numbers.

The best part about using this strategy is covering an entire section and hitting some of those numbers. However, this technique has not been tested often enough to see if it works.

Cold Keno Numbers

Some players choose to bet on numbers that don’t hit the most. These are called cold numbers. However, this keno strategy does not guarantee that you’ll win, but many players like using this strategy.

The best part about this keno technique is that it’s a fun way to win in keno. However, it’s not a reliable technique because it’s based on the gamble’s fallacy.

Lucky Keno Numbers

Some players believe that using a combination of lucky numbers will help them win keno. A lot of these players will repeat using these numbers across some games. The chances of hitting all these numbers all the time are slim.

Our experts don’t believe it’s wise to repeat numbers across several games. The best part about this strategy is that you can play your favourite numbers. However, according to our experts, repeating numbers across keno tickets is not a good idea.


There’s no guarantee that you’ll have a keno strategy that will get you winning numbers. The best keno strategy is to rely on your luck. Choosing numbers based on your instinct is wise because that is the more fun way to play the game. You can play the best keno games at the below keno casinos in the UK.