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What Type of Personality do Gamblers Have?

There are many different people that visit online gambling websites and they all have different personality types. As a player, it’s a good idea to learn the type of personality you have when it comes to gambling. What’s more, you can find out how to use that personality to win big at any casino site in the UK.

So, we decided to compile this guide that will shed a little light on gambling personality types. Read if you’d like to know what personality type you are.

Personality of a Gambler

1.      Professional Personality

A lot of professional gamblers don’t even consider their activities as gambling because they don’t rely on luck. Mostly, they use their knowledge, strategies, skills and research to win at the casino. Professional gamblers gamble for a living.

These types of players tend to be know everything there is know about casinos, dealers and games. They are naturally experts in advanced gaming techniques and they do a lot of research in new strategies. Those who have a professional gambling personality are always striving to be educated and informed about gambling.

2.      Conservative Personality

Those who have a conservative personality in gambling tend to primarily gamble for fun. They are not necessarily interested in financial gains but in the experience and the thrill of the game. Conservative gamblers don’t care about strategies and techniques when it comes to casino games.

In contrast to professional gamblers, conservative gamblers are not interested in spending time in becoming advanced in gambling games. Those who have a conservative personality are aware that gambling can be a problem and they control their gambling.

3.      Escape Personality

Players who have the escape personality use gambling as a replacement for an issue they have in their life. These players use gambling as an escape from their problems. The escape gambler plays games of chance because these games provide relief.

The dedication that escape-gamblers put to games is not the same as a professional gambler would. Once their issues in their personal lives are solved, escape gamblers tend to stop gambling.

4.      Casual-Social Personality

Those with a casual-social personality in gambling tend to use gambling as a recreational tool. These players find joy in social interactions at casinos. Casual-social gamblers tend to choose live dealer games when they are gambling online.

When they are at land-based casinos they tend to go to the race-track to bet on horses and converse with other bettors. Sometimes they may even play the lottery at their local retailer than online.

5.      Serious-Social Personality

Serious-social gamblers are similar to casual-social gamblers except they take their gambling seriously. For these players, gambling is their only source of fun and they spend most of their free time gambling.  Those with a serious-social personality in gambling know everything there is to know about gambling.

They have the same dedication to casino games as professional gamblers. However, these players understand that they have to keep their gambling in check. Those who gave a serious-social personality tend to bet on sports but they don’t shy away from casino games. These games include blackjack, craps, slot machines etc.

6.      Type A Personality Gamblers

Type A personality gamblers are highly competitive and have high ambitions when it comes to gambling. They may even get aggressive at times. Personality gamblers love to win and are willing to do anything to win at all costs.

Sometimes, type A personality gamblers tend to use illegal means in gambling to win. They may even participate in illegal gambling activities for the thrill of the game.

7.      Compulsive Personality

Compulsive personality gamblers are controlled by money and gambling. These gamblers tend to hide that they gamble. Players with a compulsive personality tend to develop a gambling problem over time. Here are some signs that someone is a compulsive gambler:

  • They spend too much time gambling.
  • Compulsive gamblers can no longer stop or cut back on gambling on their own.
  • They continue gambling even though it may create problems in their relationships, careers or family life.
  • Compulsive players are constantly chasing the next win to make up for the previous loss.