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Will Casinos Ban Consistent Winners?

Management cannot ban you out of an online casino if you walk out with many winnings. It doesn’t matter if you walked out with online or physical winnings. The casino must pay you if you win a jackpot unless the malfunction can be proven.


If casinos ban their big winners, what do they gain from this? Many people believe that operators want to avoid paying out the equivalent of months of profits over several wins. This, however, can make casinos suffer if they ban a player who keeps winning.

Casino Banning

Why Would Casinos Want to Kick Out Winners?

Players tend to talk when a casino does not act right. So, casino players will not sign up to a casino that bans people.


If players lose faith in a casino due to stories of them stiffing their prize, they may close. This may be more damaging than taking away a jackpot win. Casinos tend to celebrate a player’s performance rather than ban them from winning consistently. If you win consistently, you will surely be on the wall of fame.


Casinos can attract more players by announcing and promoting winners. When reading about big gambling successes, the readers will likely play the same casino game as the winners. The UK’s High Court awarded a blackjack player a £2.3m jackpot after winning a £1.7m jackpot in April 2021.


In court, Betfred claimed a malfunctioning algorithm was responsible for the jackpot. The gambler disputed this. In any case, the casino operator had to reimburse the gambler’s winnings with interest.

Casinos Often Celebrate Big Winners

Near the entrances of many land-based casinos, there are photos of big winners prominently displayed. It’s as if the casinos want to show off their prize winners. Casinos are not supposed to ask people to leave.


The casino does everything possible to bring you in and keep you inside. They create a welcoming atmosphere. And they offer casino comps like free food and drinks and don’t cry wolf when you mess up. A casino should be more welcoming to most people.


Winners are celebrated and rewarded at casinos. Despite the jokes about contributing to the house edge, gambling is all about winning. A desire to win is the driving force behind every casino’s marketing. Their goal is to create an image of happiness and positivity.

Do Casinos Kick Out Card Counters

Can you still get banned after winning many times? The answer may be slightly complicated, according to the majority of casino rules. There is no such thing as illegal card counting.


You cannot be banned from playing blackjack, even if you have the math-crunching skill of a quantum computer. In contrast, some casinos discourage the use of counters at their blackjack tables. If security catches the counter in the act, they are usually given a warning.


It’s beneficial to read community forums, visitors’ testimonials, and social media groups about how the casino treats card counters. By doing so, you can find blackjack tables where you can channel your inner Edward Thorp without getting banned.

Actions to Get You Banned from a Casino

Cheating – Cheating a casino (even subtly) is the surest way to get banned forever, as well as probably being blacklisted at several other gambling establishments.


Violating Casino Policy – Casinos can still expel a player even if they do not cheat or lose constantly. When a player loses, they throw a fit or scream at the dealer. A second is annoying or harassing other gamblers who are playing table games or slots. Casino management will treat players wrongly if they disregard common etiquette.