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Top UK Online Casinos


Best UK Casino Games Online

A vast majority of players usually choose gambling sites because of its selection of games or the variety of gambling that is offered. Whether you enjoy playing craps or roulette or Blackjack, whatever your choice you can be sure to find the best. Usually, online casinos don’t have any restrictions in the number of games that can be added onto a site or how many games a player can play. A good online casino site can offer you a diversity of games from online video poker to arcade games.

There is so much more to online gambling than just card games and table games. If the traditional casino games are not mainly your fancy, there are alternative games that you can play at the best online casinos in the UK. We will bring you the best guides and tips on how to play the best games available. Here is a list of games both traditional and modern that you will find in many online casinos in the United Kingdom.

The list above does not even scratch the surface of the online games available for UK gamblers. The internet has allowed gamblers to be spoilt for choice.

Online Sports Betting

There is more to online betting than the usual online casino games. Online sites try by all means to ensure that players are always entertained and that means catering to their diverse interests. That means providing sports betting to allow players to be constantly entertained and have the ability to maximize their profits and make real money from gambling. You will get guides on how to bet on all the relevant sporting events as well as the top betting sites in the UK.


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Casino Bonuses Online

When you want to maximize your gambling experience online, the best thing to do is to find the best online casinos that offer the best bonuses. Online casino bonuses are available in a variety of ways. A vast majority of online casinos will offer welcome bonuses to keep you on their site as a consumer. Besides welcome bonuses, there is a variety of bonuses that you can take you as a bettor can take advantage. Here is a list of the most common rewards offered by online casinos in the UK.

Depositing Bonuses

Deposit bonuses provide you with more funds in your account thus giving you more chances to win. Deposit bonuses are normally provided in percentages, for instance, deposit £50 and get a 100% deposit bonus in your account. After making your first deposit, some online casinos are prone to offering Reload bonuses depending on the amount you have deposited.

Free Spins and Bets

Many online casinos in the UK will offer free spins to gamblers for meeting specific requirements. Generally, online casinos will ask players to sign up to get those free bets or spins. Some spins will be limited to a particular game.

Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are one of the most common rewards that are offered by a majority of online casino in the UK. Many online casinos will offer real money welcome bonuses to gamblers. These days it is rare to find an online casino that doesn’t offer real money welcome bonuses.

Social Media Promotions

The top online casinos are most likely to offer free spins or even real money for taking part in their social media campaigns. These bonuses don’t require much effort from the gambler, a simple act of liking a page or commenting on a post is enough to earn you real money or free spins.

Online Payment Providers

There are hundreds of payment options available for UK gamblers to deposit and withdraw funds. Payment providers continuously work hard to make the casino banking options as easy as possible to gamble online. The paramount concern that players have when betting online is the safety and security of their financial information and online casinos are aware of that and are continually improving their software to ensure that your money is protected.

Mobile-Friendly Online Casinos

Betting with mobile devices have made it possible to conduct online activities while on the move. If you know you use your phone or tablet more than you use your desktop, it only makes sense for your favorite online casinos to provide you with the ability to bet online using your mobile devices. You will find the best online mobile-friendly casinos and games that support iOS and Android-enabled mobile devices. We’ll ensure that you are provided with the best online casino sites that use sophisticated technology to allow players to the flexibility desired.

Online Casino Customer Service

Any credible online casino in the UK will have an on-the-clock customer support service available to answer all your questions. Sometimes online gamblers don’t always check how to contact a particular online casino until they have problems that need assistance. It is important always to check the working hours of the different online casinos that you use to gamble in the UK. There are three most popular ways that online casinos will use to provide support to bettors.


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A significant number of UK casinos use a 24/7 phone service for gamblers to use at all times. This method is best used when you are on the go and typing is not an option.

Live Chat

Many online casinos will advise live chat as the best method to use when seeking support on issues. This is the fastest way that gamblers can use to receive answers.


This method of contacting online casinos is considered one of the slowest ways to use. You may not receive an answer as urgently as you would like. This method can be used if you are looking for some general information about a particular game or a specific payment method.

Gambling Regulatory Boards

Remote gambling services in the UK have recently gone through a few licensing alterations. Before the changes were imposed, casinos were regulated and licensed in the European Union. The introduction of the new Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) act has ensured that all operators offering gambling services are license holders and their licenses must be issued by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). There was a need to provide UK players with extra protection. The Act ensured that gamblers adhered to a few conditions such as:

  • All gambling operators must use software offered by the UKGC license holders.
  • Gambling service providers must adhere to the UKGC’s technical standards
  • There must be a separation of customer’s funds and precise details on how customer’s funds are safeguarded.
  • Gambling services provide responsible gambling including protecting children from gambling.
  • Operators must comply with practices and policies that are against money laundering.

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Spotting a licensed Online Gambling

If the online casino is permitted, it will contain a UKGC logo, usually on the footer of the home page. Another way you can verify if an online casino is safe is checking on the UK Gambling Commission’s website, there is an online tool where you can enter the online casino’s name, and it should return all the necessary information about that online casino. The UKGC will even show you the license so you can verify for yourself.

Responsible Gambling

Gambling is an activity that should be enjoyed as a leisure activity. It is imperative to understand that gambling comes with potentially serious misfortunes. The possibility f losing is always present when embarking in any gambling. It is essential to know how to protect yourself when gambling to not fall into any danger that so many other people have fallen into.

Frequently Asked Questions

At we are aware that you may have some concerns and questions before you start gambling online. Here are a few questions that online bettors like you frequently ask

Is online gambling legal in the UK?

Online gambling is legal in the United Kingdom provided that the participants are 18 years and over and use online casinos that are licensed by the UKGC. If you want to make sure that you are betting on a legal online casino, look for the UKGC logo in the footer of the home page, you can also head to the UK Gambling commission’s website and use its search tool to find the online casino and all its information.

How do I know the online casino is safe?

Typically, if an online casino is registered with the UKGC, then that should be a clear indicator that they adhere to the stringent regulations that are imposed by the Commission. Apart from that, the online casino has to declare, in the either its accounts page of the info page, how the customer’s funds are protected.

How much can I spend at online casinos?

Every online casino uses its discretion when it comes to setting betting limits. However, you can be confident that you won’t find an online casino that doesn’t have a wagering limit. This helps promote responsible gambling.

Can you win money playing online slots?

It is possible to play online slots for money; most online casinos will offer this as a joining bonus. This is great for UK gamblers because you can test whether you like the online casino or not without actually depositing money of your own.