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Terms and Conditions Guide for Casino Players

Casino Terms and Conditions These casino terms and conditions are a way to guide you through the use of all the guides that we have provided for you on this casino site. By using this UK casino website guide you are accepting the terms and conditions that we have set out in full. If you disagree with any part of the terms and conditions, then you should not use this British casino guide website.

You have to be of legal age to use this casino website, which is 18-years-old. By agreeing to these terms and conditions and using this website we will assume that you are at least 18-years -old. In addition to the terms and conditions of this gambling website for UK players, there is also a privacy policy which will apply to your use of this gambling sites guide. The privacy policy as well as the casino terms and conditions of this website are legally binding between you, the user, and us.

License to Use Website

Unless we have stated otherwise we are the sole owner of the intellectual property that has been displayed on any of the guides you read. You may view the content; however, you may not copy any of the content written on the page. You may print the content of the guides for your own personal use. Under no circumstances may you:

  • Use the material on any of our guides to republish on your own platform.
  • Sub-license, rent, or sell any of the content on this casino website.
  • Copy material on this site or use content for commercial purposes.
  • Alter the information of this website for any reason.
  • Distribute content on this page unless we have specifically said so.

Terms and Conditins for UK Casino Players

Acceptable Use

The terms and conditions of this website states that you may not use content on this website to cause harm or damage to the site. You may also not use the content on this website in any unlawful way. Collecting and distributing any content from this website using spyware is considered illegal.

The use of automatic data collection systems on this site is not permitted. This includes data mining, data extraction and data harvesting. You may not do any of these activities unless you have received written permission from us.

User Content

In these casino terms and conditions, the user content pertains to material that you have submitted to this site for whatever reason. By submitting your content, you have granted us the permission to use your user content however we see suitable. We may reproduce, alter and publish the material on this platform for casino players.

By submitting this content, you also grant us the permission to sub-license these rights to any entity that may engage with us for sub-licensing. This means that our use of your content is royalty free and non-exclusive.

The user content that you submit on our site may not be illegal or unlawful according to the precepts of the UK Gambling Commission. The content may also not infringe on the rights of third parties on this website.

Our casino terms and conditions state that you may not use content that has been used on a different website that has similar content to ours. Under these casino terms and conditions, Choice Casino does not seek to monitor the submission of any user content unless alerted to a specific issue.

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