Online Poker for UK PlayersOnline poker in the United Kingdom is one of the most popular casino games available. The UK casino industry is one of the most legislated markets in the world. The United Kingdom and Canada are the only two countries globally that allow for international poker liquidity. This option means that UK players can have access to any international casino site provided the gambling site has a valid gaming license that is administered by the UK Gambling Commission.

Even though poker online in Britain is regulated, the laws are not strict compared to other countries in the EU. UK online casinos can engage with other poker casinos in the world.  The UK Gambling Commission introduced the share poker liquidity which is supposed to ensure that poker in the UK does not decline. Read more to find out about the top poker site in the UK as well as tips and tricks to help you win real money when you are playing these online casino games.

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What You’ll Know about Online Poker

Online Poker UK History

Poker online in the UK has a wealth of history with worldwide appeal. If you picture the beginning of poker in an old western saloon with cowboys playing the game, you wouldn’t be the first. Many people have the belief that poker started with the cowboys. However, that is far from the truth. The American Western movies may have made the casino game accessible, but it is believed that the game started centuries before.

Some say that poker originated in the 10th Century in China when Emperor Mu-Tsung played “domino cards” with his wife on New Year’s Eve. However, there are others who argue that the game was started in the 16th century and is a variant of the Persian game called Nas.

One derivative of poker was popularised in France in the 17th Century. From there it spread to Canada and the United States where its popularity grew so much that it became synonymous with the American Old Western movies.

This casino game only came to the UK in the 19th century. Some say it was due to a letter that General Schenck wrote where he describes teaching a game to his friends. A guide was subsequently drafted to educate people about poker in Britain.

Texas Holdem Online Poker

Various Poker Games Online

Many casino sites in the UK will have their variation of poker games for their online players. While some UK players will stick to one version of the game other like to play the different available variations. Here is a list of all the possible poker online games in Britain.

Texas Hold’Em

You will see many players on the internet referring to this poker variant as Hold’Em. This poker derivative is one of the most-love and most popular game in the UK. The game is played using a deck of 52 cards. The dealer will give each player two cards, and this is how the game begins. The ‘small blind’ is a term used to refer to the player that is on the left of the dealer. The small blind must place a bet that is half of the limit before other players have seen their cards. The player that is on the left of the small blind is called the “big blind.” The big blind is also supposed to place a bet that meets the limit before other players see their cards.

Omaha Hi/Lo

In this poker variant, each player is dealt four ‘hole’ cards. Every player must then place a bet, and they can choose to ‘match, check, fold or call’ the bets. This bet is then followed by three cards that are known as the ‘flop’ and an extra betting round.

There is a fourth card which is called the turn has to be placed which will be followed by a round of betting. The ‘river’ is the last card which is dealt at the last round. In this poker version, players must use two of the four cards and three community cards to make a hand. Players must reveal their hand once every bet has been placed which is called the ‘showdown’ Once the showdown happens then the highest-ranking hand wins.

Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo

In this poker version, players have to each place a bet which is called the ‘ante.’ Then the dealer will deal two ‘hole’ cards with one card facing up. The card facing up is known as the ‘third street’ which can be seen by all players. The player who has the lowest ranking third street is required to place the smallest betting amount, which is referred to as the ‘bring in.’

Once all the bets have been placed a fifth card which is called the ‘fifth street’ will be dealt to all the players. Once the fifth street is dealt facing up, more betting will commence. Then the sixth card will also be dealt facing up then further betting will follow. The dealer will deal the seventh card called the ‘river’ will be dealt facing down which will be followed by a final round of waging. The hand that is made up of five cards that is ranked the highest will win.

More online poker variations in the UK

As stated, there are a lot of poker versions online. The rules are similar to all the poker versions available. All of these versions can be played using real money in the UK. On the internet, you can find a plethora of poker versions even live poker. Here is a list of other poker games available:

  • Razz
  • Draw Poker
  • 5 Card Draw
  • Chinese Poker
  • Horse
  • Badugi

Benefits of Online Poker

Poker on the internet has a lot of benefits that you cannot find in land-based casinos. For many UK poker players, the choice of playing online is usually a comfortable choice. Gambling houses online provide more possibilities than brick-and-mortar casinos. Here are a few advantages that you can experience when playing poker at online casinos.

  • You can control the betting limits for yourselft, that option is not limited to the gambling site.
  • The game is faster online than it would be in a land-based gambling house which provides an extra element of excitement.
  • Poker games online are convenient to play because you don’t have to be physically at the gambling house to play.
  • Other players cannot see your face; therefore, they won’t be able to see your ‘poker tells’
  • Increase your chances of winning by playing on multi-tables which is not possible in land-based casinos.
  • There are many poker games that a particular casino site might offere, you can belong to many gambling sites and have access to many poker derivatives.
  • You don’t have to be hindered by opening times of the gambling houses. You can click your mouse hand you will be able to play a game of poker at your convenience.
  • There is the benefit of not being intimidated by other poker players on the internet.

Poker Tips

Poker Tips and Tricks Online

Many professional poker players are generous enough to share their strategy with other players online. Here are some strategies and tips on how to win online poker used by professional poker players.

  1. Study the game – Learning the game of poker is very important if you want to win real money on these games. Professional poker players online never stop learning even though they know all the rules of poker like the back of their hands.
  2. Start small – It is important to  remember that playing poker for real money is gtotally different from playing free online poker. You need to start betting small if you are a first-time real money poker player.
  3. Be realistic – You need to determine how many hands and tournaments you have to play to be able to earn a sizeable amount of money. You need to remember that you cannot win a large amount of money by playing one game.
  4. Manage your time – We have seen a lot of players that have made poker itheir sole focus of their life to the detriment of other aspects. Practicing responsible gambling is essential. It is also imperative to make sure that you take a break from playing the game so that you can come back with a clear mind and different game tactics.
  5. Never Play Tired – You will know that if you want to succeed in anything you have to perform at your optimum best. This performance involves being energetic enough to play at your best.

Poker Online FAQs

Here are more questions and answers that might be of interest to you.

Can I play online poker with other devices?

Yes, you can. A lot of poker casino sites in the UK have made it possible for players to play on multiple devices. However, you need to have a device that is compatible with the software that a particular gambling site is using.

Can you make money playing poker online?

Yes, you can make real money playing poker on the internet. However, you need to have a good skill when playing the game.

How can I become good at playing poker?

You need to adopt an excellent online strategy when playing poker. We have given you a few tips on playing the game that will help your chances.

Is poker all about Luck?

Not entirely. The main reason that many UK players love this casino game so much is that the chances of winning are a combination of fortune and skill.

Can you be good at poker?

Yes. Since poker is a game of skill, this means that you can practice until you become good at playing the game.

What is the best hand in poker?

Several hands can be considered good. Like having a royal flush which means you have an A, K, Q, J, and 10 in the same suit. Another good hand is a suit which has five cards in a sequence, which is known as a straight flush.

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