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Play Online Craps Real Money

Craps online for UK Players Playing Online Craps can one of the most fun activities at a casino site. The game of craps is trendy across the UK and the world over. This popularity can be attributed to the James Bond films as well as the Hollywood movies throughout the years. It was not uncommon to see a scene of gambling in your favourite movie.

Craps popularity has not receded in the years. It has gained much traction, especially with online players. Since technological advancement has increased at UK Online Casino, so has the advancement of casinos on the internet.

Many advantages can be derived from playing craps on the internet. For one, there is the convenience of playing a casino game at the comfort of your own home. Unlike other table games that make their way online, craps online have stayed true to its traditional format.

It is true that you won’t find many online variations of craps. There are only a few casino software providers that produce craps for online consumption. If you want to know everything about craps online, then read on.

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Page Guide on Craps Online: 

Craps Game Online

Playing craps online is similar to playing any other online table game. However, there are a lot more advantages than the traditional game of dice that you may be familiar. For starters, playing craps online can get you a lot of rolls, and the speed of the game is also increased. Online craps are even better because you can access the game anytime you want. Usually, gambling sites will set low minimum bets so that more players can participate in the game. There are also free online craps games offered so that you can practice sharpening your skills.

You won’t be able to throw the dice yourself when playing the craps game online. But that is not much of a disadvantage because the graphics and the interactivity of some of the craps variations have.

Online Craps Rules

If you believe that Craps is difficult to learn, this guide will show you how mistaken you are. We understand that it can be daunting to learn all the terms. However, once you have started learning you will see how exciting craps online can be.

Craps has three primary rules that you need to learn. The first thing that you will find in craps online is something called a come-out roll. This term used to refer to the initial roll of the dice. It can also be the first roll of the dice after a round of betting.

The player that throws the dice is called a shooter. So, the shooter will have to throw two dice on the craps table. Online gambling craps are slightly different. Instead of rolling the dice you will have to press the ‘roll’ button. Once the dice have been rolled there are three possible results:

  • Natural: The “Natural” means that the outcome of the roll is a seven or an eleven. When you get this result, that means you win.
  • Craps: This is also known as ‘snakes eyes’ this is when you will roll a two, three or a twelve. If the dice reveals any of these values, then you will lose. However, you can still roll the dice again.
  • Point: This is when you roll any of these numbers: (4,5,6,8,9 or 10) a button will appear on the screen which will signify a marking of the point. You will know that the point has been established when the button is white and has the ‘on’ sign. You will have to roll again. If you roll the same value as before you will win the round. If you roll a seven in this round, it is called a seven out, which means that you have lost the bet and ended again.
online craps rules

Craps Online Betting Rules

The various betting options in craps online are one of the most exciting aspects of playing craps. Once you have learnt the rules, you will see how fun it is to play craps online.

Pass or Don’t Pass Bets

You can decide to bet on these two bets. If you choose to place a bet on the pass line that means you are gambling on the shooter winning (passing) by rolling out a natural sum or by winning the point before they roll a seven.

Come or Don’t Come Bets

Once the point has been determined, then these bets can be placed. The come bet will only win if the natural has been rolled. However, the Come bet will lose if the craps are rolled.

When a point is rolled out on then, it will become the Come-bet point. If you roll the come-bet point again before you roll a seven, then you will win.

With the Don’t Come Bet you are fortunate when the shooter rolls a two or a three. However, if a seven or an eleven is rolled, then you won’t be so lucky. If a twelve is rolled, then that means that there should be a push again.

You cannot turn the Pass or the Come bets off. You have to wait until they are played out. But you can make extra bets on the come-bet point as well, which you can increase or retain at any point.

Proposition bets

Proposition bets are usually one roll bets which means that you can place a bet on any roll you want. All of these bets have a payout of about 1:1. Here are the different bets that can be placed:

  • Any seven bet: You will win this bet if you the shooter rolls a seven.
  • Any Craps: This bet will win if the shooter rolls a 2,3 or a 12.
  • Ace Deuce: You will win this bet if a three has been rolled.
  • Aces: If the shooter rolls a two then you will win this bet.
  • Boxcars: This bet wins when the shooter rolls a 12.
  • Horn: If a shooter rolls a two, three, eleven or a twelve then you win.
  • Place Bet: Once the point has been determined, then you can bet on any number on the table. If the number rolled is a seven you will win, if not you lose.
  • Field Bets: You can only use this bet on one dice roll. Rolling a 5,6,7 or 8 will make you lose in this bet while rolling a 2,3,4,9,10,11, or a 12 will make you lose.
  • Big six and Big eight bet: This bet is easy because you only bet that a six or an eight will be rolled before a seven is rolled. You win if the outcome is in line with your bet and you lose if it isn’t.

Glossary for Online Craps

Many terms are associated with the craps internet casino game. Here are a few terms that are often used by online craps players.

Backline – This is a slang term that is used for the Don’t Pass Line.

Bank Roll – This term is used in all casino games, and it refers to the funds that you have available to continue betting.

Betting Right – This term is used when you are betting on the Pass or the Come craps bets.

Betting Wrong – This is used when you either place a bet on the Don’t Pass or the Don’t Come bet. Statically this bet is much better than other wagers when it comes to statistics.

Front Line – This is a slang term used for the Pass Line Bet.

Hot table – a craps table where players that are wagering right are often winning. It usually means that the shooter is not sevening out.

House edge – this is the advantage the gambling site will have on each game or bet. A percentage usually represents the advantage.

Natural – This happens when the outcome of the roll of the dice is a seven and an eleven. A natural roll will result in a win for the Pass line bet or a Don’t Pass line bet.

Seven Out – This term is used when the shooter rolls a seven before the point. The outcome of this will be a loss in the Pass line bet and a Don’t Pass line bet.

Shooter – This is the name that is given to the player who is responsible for rolling the dice. If you are playing against the casino online, then you will always be the shooter.

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