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Craps Basics for UK Players You have to know online craps basics if you want to play.  You need to be familiar with the rules first. You may think that learning the rules is difficult, but you will soon find out that the rules are simple.

The good news about playing online craps is that you don’t have to learn all the rules. If you want to, you can stick to the essential rules. Many UK online gamblers say that the payline is the first bet that you will find when you are playing craps at online casinos UK. A lot of UK players prefer to play craps more than online slots because the house has a low edge with craps. You stand to get back a lot on your bets if you win.

We will tell you all about the rules that make up craps games. You will also know all about the top casinos where you can play craps on the internet.

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Craps Online Basics: How to play

There are many bets when you play craps on the internet. Some bets take up one roll and others can make up a few several rolls. The house edge is the rate the casino expects to receive of the player’s initial bet. When playing craps, the player can decide to take his/her gamble down until there is a win. The house edge can be categorized in the following ways:

  1. The casino can decide to express it per bet made (which would mean the pushes are counted)
  2. The online gambling site can choose to show it by every bet resolved (which would mean the pushes are not counted)

Every player involved will have a chance to roll the dice. The person who is rolling the dice at any particular time is called the shooter. Each player will have to place a bet on the same roll of the dice. The shooter will get to roll the dice until he/she rolls a seven at the wrong time. Then the next person will get a chance to be a shooter.

Craps, in general, is a game that involves rounds. The first roll of the dice or round is termed the Come-out Roll. A round can be made up of one roll of the dice or a lot of rolls. The dealer will say “come out” before the Come-out roll happens and place the hockey puck on the table.

Various Craps Online Bets

When you know the basics of craps online, you will see that the game has many bets that can be placed by players. Overall the bets are pretty straightforward and can be understood by anyone. Here is an explanation of the different stakes that are found in online craps.

Pass Line

A lot of casino player online see the pass line bet as one of the most basic bets in craps. You will notice that a lot of players at the table will bet on this bet. This pass line bet is wagered on the come-out roll on the pass line. If you see a hockey puck that is laminated with the off-sign, then you know the come-out roll is about to happen. You can win even money when the roll of the dice reveals a seven or eleven. If the roll of the dice reveals a two, three or a twelve, then you lose. If other numbers are shown (4,5,6,8,9 and 10) by the roll of the dice, then the total is termed a point. The dealer will turn the hockey puck on the table with an on-sign. The shooter will then have to roll the dice until the same point is revealed or until another number shows.

The odds Bet

This can be considered a side bet in online craps after a point is shown. It can be very beneficial to have a point thrown before a seven. This bet has a payout rate of 2:1. If you want to place an odds bet after you have placed the pass line wager all you have to do is place the odds bet behind. Odds wagers have a zero-house edge. There is a limit to how much a gambler can bet, unlike the pass line bet.

Don’t Pass

This bet is different from the pass line bet. If it happens that the come-out is a 2 or a three you will win. If there is a 7 or 11, then you will lose. Twelve will be considered a push. Some casinos consider a two as a push.

Laying the odds

This is different from taking odds. This is gambling that a seven has the possibility of being rolled before a point. It is considered taking odds when you place a place a stake on a point after a pass line bet. If you bet against a point right after the don’t pass bet, then this is called laying the odds. Laying the odds against a 4 or 10 you should know the payout rate is 1:2. The payout rate is 2:3 if you bet against 5:9. Then the payout rate is 5:6 when the bet is against 6 or 8.

Come Bet

In mathematics, the pass line bet and the come bet are the same. You can take odds after a come bet. You have to pace your stake in the area that is marked come. You will win in this bet when a seven or an eleven is rolled.

Don’t Come Bet

A person who bets the don’t pass, or they don’t come bet will be referred to as the wrong bettor. This does not mean that their bet is incorrect; it just means that they are betting opposite to what most players at the table are betting. As a Wrong Bettor if everyone else is winning, then you are losing, and if everyone is losing, then you are winning.

Craps online tips

Tip to Practice Online Craps Basics

There are many bets in craps with low house edges. These are the bets that you should focus on. When you make bets with low house edges, then you are giving yourself a chance to have a lot of winning rounds and a few losing ones. Here are more tips to help you in your winning streak.

  • Tip 1: The Pass line Bet is Gold
  • The pass line bet has a house line percentage of 1,41%, so this is the best bet to make when you want to give yourself the best chance at winning.
  • Tip 2: Choose for the Come Bet
  • This bet is the same as the pass line bet which means that they both have the same house edge.
  • Tip 3: The Don’t Pass and Don’t Come Bets are profitable
  • Few craps players online will choose these bets because they feel they go against the spirit of the game. However, the low house edge is reason enough to place this bet.

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