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What is the Most Successful Roulette Strategy?

Finding a successful roulette strategy can be a bit difficult because there are a lot of them. However, it would be best to keep in mind that no strategy can guarantee a win 100%.  Many roulette players have studied roulette strategies to see which one is the most successful.

Our experts have found some roulette strategies that have provided some success to players online. Find the top 4 most successful roulette strategies at the best UK casino websites.

Roulette Strategies that Succeed

Top 4 Most Successful Roulette Strategies

Here are some strategies that you can use to succeed at the roulette table. Try any one of these strategies and see what happens:

1.      Successful Roulette Strategy – Martingale

Martingale is one of the most popular roulette strategies because players find it simple. This strategy can be used to place outside bets. These outside bets will give you a 50% chance of winning roulette. Plus, the strategy will reduce the zero.

The first thing you need to decide which bets you want to wager on. Then your other option is whether the predicted colour will come out. If the bet you placed does not come out, you will have to double your bet.

However, if your bet wins, you have to continue using the single unit bet with this roulette strategy. But you will have to place this bet on the opposite wager.

2.      Successful Roulette Strategy – Reverse Martingale

With this strategy, you have to place an opposite bet in the next betting round if your bet loses. For example, if you placed a bet on red and it loses, your next bet should be on black. This strategy has this name because it does the opposite of what the martingale strategy does.

3.      Successful Roulette Strategy – D’Alembert

D’alembert is one of the most successful roulette strategies that you’ll find online. The strategy is simple to use, and you can adapt it to your needs. Before you apply this strategy, you need to decide which bet you want to place.

Your options are in the outside bets, offering you a 50% chance of winning the game. However, the D’Alembert strategy does not start with a single bet but a four-unit bet. So, if your betting limit is £1, you’ll have to place £4 in your first wager.

4. Successful Roulette Strategy – Paroli

The Paroli roulette strategy is very different from the Martingale strategy. You can use this strategy when you’re placing side bets. With this strategy, you’ll have to place your bet, and when you win, you have to double your betting amount on the opposite bet. For example, if you bet on black and you win, you’ll have to bet on red with a double amount. If your double bet is wrong, then you have to go back to the initial bet, which is back.

Final Thoughts

When you use a combination of these strategies, you might be more successful at playing roulette online.  There’s no successful roulette strategy that you can use to win roulette. But a combination of all these strategies might be the winning strategy.