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Casino Banking Methods for 2021

UK Casino Banking

Casino banking is important when you play for real money at any of the best casino websites available. These days the technological advancements have ensured that you aren’t limited to traditional ways of banking. So, you can use various casino internet banking methods like Mastercard, Visa, and Apple Pay.

So, if you want to learn more about casino banking methods all you have to do is read this guide. We have all the information you need to know about depositing and withdrawing funds into your online gambling account.

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Casino Internet Banking Methods

The best online gambling sites are all about offering players choice and variety for depositing and withdrawing funds. These are the most popular methods:


Your Visa debit card can be used to deposit and withdraw funds into your casino account. The best part with Visa is that the process of depositing is easy and quick.


This payment option allows players to deposit and withdraw funds easily and quickly without any hassles. Mastercard casinos are quite popular in the UK, so, you won’t have a problem finding one.


If you’re in search of an easy and cost-effective method then Neteller is one of the best methods you could use. This is basically a digital wallet that allows players to transfer funds from their Neteller account to their gambling account.


As a player, you can use this banking method for quick and easy real-time payment. Skrill was previously known as Moneybookers which was known for the best customers support and online security.


If you’re familiar with online payment methods then Paypal will not be a foreign payment method for you. This payment method has over 200 million users across the world and most people love it because it provides the best security on the internet.

Apple Pay

If you have an Apple mobile device then Apple Pay might be the best method for you to use because it’s easier. However, there aren’t a lot of casinos that accept Apple Pay because it’s still new in the market.


If you’d like to be anonymous when you make your online payments then Paysafecard will offer you that option. Paysafecard uses prepaid vouchers for you to make online transfers money without a bank account.

Casino Payment Options – Using Bank Transfers

There are various ways of transferring funds into you gambling account. However, bank transfers is also an option. The first thing you have to do when you are using this option is advise your bank that you are depositing funds into your casino account.

The one thing you need to keep in mind is that bank transfers are not instant, therefore, you will have to wait a minimum of four days. Even when you are withdrawing funds from your account you will have to wait for your funds.

Another thing you need to keep in mind are the fees that are associated with using bank transfers. This banking method is suitable for high rollers because you can transfer large amounts of funds.

Online Gambling Payment Methods: Waiting Times

The banking options you choose at casino sites are important, however, they need to be informed the transaction times. Transaction times will differ from one casino to the other. So, depending on the deposit options you’ve chosen will determine the waiting period.

Some payment options like, pay by phone options will make depositing at online casinos easier because the payment might be processed in real-time. However, the waiting might have to come in when you have to withdraw your funds. The casino will most likely make you wait for a few days before you receive your winnings while they verify your request.

While the waiting time will depend on the banking method and casino you’ve chosen, there is an average waiting time to expect. For example:

  • If you’re using debit or credit cards then you might have to wait an average of 1-5 business days
  • An eWallet payment method will only need 1 day of you waiting for your winnings.
  • If you’re using an express banking method then you will have your winnings the next day. However, you will have to pay some transaction fees.

Withdrawing Funds

As with the depositing methods discussed above, there are different withdrawal methods that are used by internet casinos across the world. It’s always important to keep in mind that certain fees will be attached to the different withdrawal methods. Some virtual casinos will offer players a single free withdrawal of winning in a month. Another concern that casino players usually have is the amount of time it takes to process the withdrawal.

A Reverse Withdrawal feature is something used by digital casinos to give casino players the option to reverse their withdrawal request. This option is made available to players if they want to play further after having placed the withdrawal request. There are a few things that you can use to determine whether a casino provides the best withdrawal services.

  • Transparency – An casino needs to be clear on how your funds are protected when you are betting on their site. Check out the FAQs page of the casino to see what their withdrawal policy.
  • Withdrawal fees –  Casino players like seeing little or no withdrawal fees attached to the withdrawals of their winnings. A lot of internet casinos will offer competitive bonuses when it comes to withdrawals.
  • Safety and Security – The UKGC has made strides with regulations that ensure that casino players are protected when gambling. Digital casinos in the UK are required to declare how the privacy of players is enforced. Compliant web-based casinos will use sophisticated software and techniques to protect players.

Depositing at a Casino: Welcome Bonus

Many experts advise that you look at the deposit bonus rewards offered before you register. Sometimes the banking method you’ve chosen will either allow you to access bonus rewards or will prevent that.

For example, if you use Neteller and Skrill you might not get the welcome bonus you desire. These ewallet services might work well for depositing funds but won’t get you rewards. You might not get bonus rewards when using these deposit options because they are anonymous.

So, if you’re the kind of player that cares more about bonus rewards than anonymity then eWallet services are not the deposit options to use.