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Can a Roulette Wheel be Rigged?

With the roulette wheel, every spin represents a new beginning for many players. Certain things indeed remain constant, like the power with which the croupier flips the ball.  And the speed with which the wheel turns. But multiple variances allow each spin of the wheel to exist as a unique event.  This article explains how the roulette wheels work.

Can Casinos Use Magnets on Roulette Wheels?

People frequently ask the question of whether casinos ever use roulette wheels with magnets. Some casino games indeed cheat players. Some wheels may have magnets. This is an extremely rare occurrence. Generally, this does not happen in government-sponsored casinos, as they risk losing their gambling licenses and being fined heavily if caught.

Magnets are only used in unlicensed casinos. It’s a good idea to research before playing roulette at online casinos, so you know what the wheel looks like. It features a unique design that you will not find at illegal roulette casinos.

Can an Online Roulette Wheel be Rigged

How Illegal Roulette Casinos Use Magnets

It can be done in many ways, but the simplest is to place a magnet underneath every pocket. It has a north magnetic pole facing outward, which is magnetized. The north pole magnet below the zero pockets is activated if the casino operators avoid the ball landing on zero. The magnetic polarity of the ball means that even if it comes close to 0, it won’t stop there. As a result, casino high rollers are prevented from winning large wagers.

Are Live Dealer Roulette Games Rigged?

If you opt for a legit live roulette provider like Evolution Gaming, you won’t find rigged games. It was not by behaving like criminals that these companies built entities with UKGC and Maltese gaming licenses. There is less likelihood of a rigged game in live dealer roulette than in electronic roulette. A live game is much harder to hack than something shady hidden into an invisible game algorithm since there are often dozens of players watching simultaneously, and you can see what the dealer is doing.

Casinos Don’t Have Control Over Game Servers

Additionally, if you’re betting with a reputable online casino, the games generally take place on the supplier’s servers, which makes it reasonably unlikely that they’ve been rigged. Because of the security measures put in place to protect the integrity of the game, they can’t be rigged, tampered with, or in any way manipulated.

There’s no chance the software can be manipulated by a bad party attempting to rig the game in their favour. When the software provider is found to be operating illegally, their business licence will be revoked, and they will almost certainly face fines and legal action. The loss of money over the long term would be too great to permit someone to manipulate the game to their advantage.