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Can You Cheat at Blackjack?

In this article, we will examine how players can cheat at blackjack and how blackjack dealers can cheat players. In no way do we endorse cheating. It is neither recommended nor legal.

Blackjack cheating is quite difficult for a lone player. It’s still done by snatching some chips and scurrying like hell. Read this article to learn more about cheating in online blackjack.

Popular Cheating Methods in Blackjack

Marking the cards is a common way to cheat. The usual marking targets are tens and cards with high values. By dabbing on the card, an almost invisible streak is left behind. Scammers used special paint that was only visible through special contact lenses.

Cheat at Online Blackjack

In the “hold out” method, a card is palmed, and a better one is substituted. There’s always a risk associated with this method. Since the pit boss always examines the decks after they are removed from play when the deck is changed. When a card moves under the table line, the dealer will call “Card down” to inform you. Alternatively, you can play two hands and switch cards from one hand to the other.

When the dealer does not pay attention to their hole card when looking for blackjack, two-person teams can gain an advantage. The card may be visible to someone standing behind the dealer on the other side of the pit. An appropriate player is then alerted to the value. In some casinos, remote detection systems monitor certain frequencies to detect activity using wireless signalling devices.

A counterfeit casino chip can also be used to cheat. Then, you can add chips before a winning hand is paid out if the dealer doesn’t seem to be paying a lot of attention to your bet.

1.      Marking the Cards

We’ll start with the age-old trick of marking cards since we mentioned it earlier. It is extremely simple to understand how to mark cards. Think back to those days of mail-order magazines that sold X-ray specs for playing blackjack. As the 10s and Aces hit the felt, you can see right away where 10s and aces are, even with the dealer and pit bosses in the dark.

Several different strategies can be used to gain an unfair advantage on the house with this additional information. The dealer’s hole card will always be known to you so that you can adapt your game strategy according to it. For instance, if a seven shows up, players would normally be forced to hit on most holdings when faced with a 17 in the end. You can sit back and let them go bust if you know the dealer’s hole card is a 9, giving them a 16 and a high chance of hitting to climb over 21.

2.      Planning with a Dealer to Rig the Game Your Way

This method involves a conspiracy between two blackjack natural enemies – the player and the dealer. Employees at casinos are generally happy with their steady jobs that provide benefits and cash tips, so they have little reason to bite the hand that feeds them. There will still be instances where you hear a different story.

3.      Spotting Weak Dealers and Signalling Their Hole Card

Casino (1995), Martin Scorsese’s iconic gambling/mobster flick, showed us how to cheat at blackjack in a quite complicated way. Check out the classic five-minute clip below known as “Cheater’s Justice”, starring Robert DeNiro as a casino manager taking down a signalling team if you haven’t seen it already.

4.      Past Posting to Increase Bet Sizes After a Winner Is Ensured

Cheats seem to gain inspiration by imagining an ideal blackjack scenario and then work to make it happen. However, the deck is shuffled. The same goes for past posting, where cheaters upgrade or downgrade their stake after seeing the final result.

5.      Pretending Their Action Wasn’t Really What They Wanted to Do

Finally, one of the most insidious ways to cheat in blackjack is to act like an ignorant player without any knowledge about the game. Although it may be hard to believe, UK casinos weren’t built by winners who understood probability and strategy. Aspers Casino is built on constant loss by players who can barely distinguish between a split and a stand.