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Can You Make a Living Playing Video Poker?

You can have a lot of fun playing video poker. The game is a good mixture between traditional card games and slot machines for many people. Can it be profitable? Absolutely.

But it won’t be easy. Research and practice are essential. You must also know which games have a positive RTP (return to player) to avoid losing money.

Playing video poker has several advantages. It looks like a slot, but it acts very differently than a slot game. Video poker can also have other properties worth noting.

 Video Poker Games

Benefits of Playing Video Poker

1.      The Game is Easy to Play

After a few minutes in front of a machine, you’ll probably learn the basics of video poker. You won’t need to worry about other players’ actions since they don’t have the same intricacies as traditional poker. As a result, you don’t hear much noise outside and can play very quickly.

2.      It’s based on skill

Roulette is a great example of a game that isn’t based on skill. When you’ve learned how to play games that require skill and strategy, you’ll have a much greater chance of making money. You can only keep the house edge in your favour by playing the perfect strategy.  And as soon as you deviate from that or take risks, you’re playing at risk.

This is another reason professionals don’t get greedy or take risks they don’t have to take. The best strategy for video poker is to learn the perfect strategy and play the maximum coins to maximize your chances of long-term success.

3.      There are awesome jackpots

Due to the possibility of winning a jackpot, non-skill slot machines are popular. The popularity of progressive jackpot slots is particularly high. With video poker, you can get these jackpots without the low RTPs associated with some slot machines. The potential returns are, therefore, quite high.

4.      You’re playing solo

Regular card games come with pit bosses looming over you, pushy dealers, and other players interfering with your concentration. Many people prefer video poker to regular card games because it’s just you and the machine.

5.      The RTP is Easy to Predict

Slot machines have the problem of not knowing the odds of getting a particular symbol or combination of symbols. Every 20 spins, a cherry may appear, while every 6 spins, a grape will appear.

There are only 52 cards in the deck. You already know the odds of any particular card coming up in poker. Likewise, you understand the probability of hitting a certain number or suit. A video poker machine’s random number generator must behave as though it were using a deck of cards.

6.      You Can Control Your Bankroll

Even though playing on the maximum coins in video poker is always a good idea, you shouldn’t let your bankroll suffer. Professional gamblers need to stay in control of their finances, which means not getting too greedy with their game limits.

If you choose the right game, you should be able to comfortably play at max coins without eating up your bankroll too aggressively. When you stack the odds in your favour by keeping tight control of your money and taking a logical, strategic approach to hold and switching cards, you set yourself up for success.