Online slot machines can be described as one of the most popular games available in casinos online. It doesn’t matter where you come from, but there is a good chance that when someone mentions casinos, the first thing you think about is slots. The fun thing about online slots in the UK is the fact that there is a wide array of slot games to choose from.

Whatever you fancy at any particular time, you can play anything from classic slot games to the new online slots that are continually being introduced with interesting themes to keep you interested for a long time. This page will help you along the various details concerning online slot games in the UK. You will find out about the different terms used when referring to slots as well as the payment options available to you when depositing or withdrawing funds from an online casino. Before you embark on playing online slots for real money, make sure you understand what you are starting.


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Free play Online Slots

Most of the major online casinos in the UK will use online slots as a teaser to attract gamblers sign up to their casino site for other casino games. A lot of us like to test something out before we deposit our hard-earned cash so that we can decide if we want it or not. You could be attracted by the name of the online slot game and then find out that you don’t want the game. You might be a novice casino player and find that the slot game is too complicated to grasp or you might be an expert casino player and are testing out the game for a review. The choice has to be given to you without having to commit your money to something you might end up not liking. Luckily, the UK online casinos are aware of this and will do everything to ensure that our needs are accommodated. You don’t have to commit your real money to play these slots online, but it is possible to win real money.

Types of Online Slots

The introduction of online slots to the market has made slot machines progress quite significantly from the period of fruit machines. These days online players have the joy of experiencing plenty of different slots online. The variety of online slots available make it possible for players to have diverse casino experiences to keep them coming back for more.

classic online slot uk

3-reel classic slot machines

This is a classic online slot game fashioned after the physical slot machines that are available in land-based casinos. This slot machine is not complicated; all you have to do to win is match the symbols in the top, middle and bottom.

5-Reel Online Slots

While the traditional design of the slot machines is in three reels, a lot of online casinos shifted away from the tradition and introduced the five-reel slots which are more visually attractive and offer many possibilities to win real money than the traditional slot machines.

Progressive Slots

With progressive slots, the game becomes slightly complicated. The stakes are high and but the cash rewards are also more substantial. Each time you don’t win a spin the jackpot increases by an amount.

Mobile Slots

Mobile slot games have been designed specifically for mobile devices, especially smart devices like smartphones or tablets. This gives players the opportunity to play anywhere they choose with the added benefit of experiencing the same visual quality as a desktop slot game.

Mega spin slots

The best thing about new online slots is that they provide players with a lot of options. Mega spin slots are one of them, and you can play several games at the same time in one screen. Usually, you will find that progressive jackpots accompany mega spin slots.

How to Play Online Slots

As online slots are a commonality in casinos all throughout the UK and the world. Every now and again you will find many different variations of slots online in many different genres and with varying bonuses available. We will break down all the rules that you need to know to play slots in casinos online.

How to play online slots UK

Slot Paylines

Paylines determine the pay-out that will be given based on the winning combination. A majority of online gambling venues will have a certain number of paylines that are made available to players. It is possible to find 30 paylines in a slot game. There more paylines there are the higher your odds of winning increase.

Return to Player (RTP) online slots

RTP is the percentage of the wager that is paid back to the player. It is essential to understand what RTP means to you. RTPs are calculated for every game and does not include the sessions that are played. Therefore, if a slot game has a 85% RTP then it means you will receive 85% back on the bet you have placed.

Hit Frequency

The hit frequency is the number or percentage of times the reel will reveal the winning combo. If you see that a slot game has a hit frequency of 30% then you know that a winning combination only hits 3/10 times for every spin. It is important to note that the Hit frequency will not increase how much you win because that will also depend on the RTP and how much the payline.

Online Slot Bonuses

Online bonuses for slots benefit everyone; the casinos online as well as the online player because as a player you will get free spins to play more of your favourite slot machine online. Ignoring the slot bonuses is not advisable because you get to save your money on top of playing for free. Online slot bonuses are also great because they keep people from being bored. Everyone wants to increase their wins, and the simplest way to do that is to take advantage of slot machines. You can try playing new online slots in the UK by using your bonuses and not your own money. You can test out a plethora of new slots by merely using your bonuses. Bonuses can help you win a lot of real money. Some people don’t take bonuses seriously, but these bonuses are one of the critical factors to ensuring that your boost your funds

online slot Bonuses

Slot Game Features

There is a variety of features that can be included in slot machines games online. These are extra features on top of the regular symbols that are already on the online slot game. Here are two prominent features that you will find in addition to the regular features.

  • Wild symbols – These symbols  are intended to be used as a replacement of other symbols. These can help you when you are on a losing streak. However, these symbols aren’t always able to replace scatter symbols.
  • Scatter Symbols – These icons do not necessarily have to appear on the pay line to be used. You will see up to four scatter symbols that are scattered across the reels which will generate a bonus payment.
  • Multipliers – Multipliers are features in online slots that give players the opportunity to multiply their winnings. Players can choose how many times they want to increase their winning, and the number can go up to 100 times.
  • Multi-payline slots – There are many chances to win with multi-payline slots, unlike the traditional slot machines that only have one payline. Depending on the game played multi payline slots can have up to 25 pay lines.

Online Slot Deposits and Withdrawals

There are so many banking options available in UK online casinos for online slots your head will explode. You can deposit and withdraw your funds quite easily by using any of the available options provided in online casinos. The payment options offered are some of the factors used to determine the credibility of an online casino. A lot of online casino players prefer third-party payment processors because of the relative freedom they offer as well as the sophisticated anti-fraud protection systems that are constantly kept up to date. Check out our banking page to see all the deposit and withdrawal options available to you when playing online slots in the UK.

Advantages of Online Slots

  • Besides the fact that slots are visually appealing and are tons of fun to play, they can also be an opportunity to win lots of real cash.
  • There are lots of ways to win with online slots in the UK. You don’t have to stick to one type of slot machine, and you can flex your skills in other variations of slot games.
  • Many online casinos players will tell you that online slots have the best payout percentages in casinos, they eve rival those offered in land-based casinos.

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Online Slot FAQs

We are committed to bringing you all the information you need to know about online slots. Here are questions that some people have asked regarding slots online.

Can you win money playing online slots?

Yes, you can win money by playing slots online. The large gambling sites in the UK will offer players a chance to play slots as a casino bonus.

Are online slots rigged?

No. online gambling houses don’t have a reason to cheat because a lot of money is made from slots that they don’t have to cheat. All casinos have a house edge that will allow them to win something every now and again. Casinos do not get anything from rigging slots.

Is it legal to play online slots?

Online slots are legal in the UK. You should check on the UKGC website to find out if the particular gambling site that you have chosen is registered and is licensed to offer gambling services.

How do you win at online slots?

It will help you a lot if you don’t choose the obvious option when you are playing online slots. Another thing that will help you with winning in slots is placing higher wagers than you normally would.

How do I find loose slots?

If you can find other players who have won slots before because that will direct you to the slots that have helped them win and they will also give you a few strategies that will increase your chances of winning.

Are slots random online?

Yes, slots are random because they use number generating systems that will generate random numbers and those numbers will determine the result of the game.