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How Long Do Casino Withdrawals Take?

Withdrawals vary from casino to casino. Usually, online casino deposits are straightforward, but withdrawals can cause some confusion. Withdrawing real money from online casinos often requires additional steps. Therefore, it is only natural for new players to be confused. We wrote this guide on how to withdraw from online casinos to clarify any confusion.

How Long Does Cashing Out Online Take?

Firstly, it is important to recognize that you cannot cash out instantly at an online casino. The process doesn’t take very long, but you will have to wait since casino withdrawals are rarely instant. The reasons for that are simple. The first reason is that online casinos must process your withdrawal request. The timing will, of course, vary from casino to casino.

For the most part, online casinos process withdrawal requests within two to three business days. In most cases, withdrawal requests may be cancelled within those three days. Furthermore, the methods of payment differ from one another.

 Casino Withdrawals

Each one requires a different amount of time to be completed. Make sure you use a payment method that has been tried and proven. Checks for verification may take some time, which is why we recommend you get them done quickly. The casino may also complete your withdrawal request faster than you expected.

How to Withdraw Real Money from Online Casinos

It is only natural to want to cash in on your first wins after playing and collecting them. Online casinos make it relatively easy for users to withdraw real money, including the option to use instant withdrawals. The following steps explain how the procedure usually goes. There will be different withdrawal procedures at every online casino, of course. But the general procedure is the same. If you wish to withdraw your winnings, follow these steps:

  1. You will need to log in first.
  2. Click “Cashier”, “Wallet” or a similar page, then you can withdraw your funds.
  3. Make a quick casino withdrawal by selecting the “Withdrawal” option.
  4. Choose the payment method you want to use. Complete any information needed if not completed already. At most casinos, you must use the same deposit and withdrawal method.
  5. Your desired withdrawal amount must be entered.
  6. You should confirm the operation once you have completed all the necessary steps.

That’s all there is to it. You will be able to withdraw money from online casinos once you have completed these simple steps.  The time it takes to withdraw your money will vary from online casino to online casino.

What Restrictions are in Place for Withdrawals?

Withdrawals from online casinos are governed by specific casino regulations. Be sure to review the terms and conditions before withdrawing. Withdrawals are subject to the following restrictions with brief explanations.

Wagering Requirements

Playthrough requirements for all bonuses must be met before you can withdraw. Let’s use a £100 bonus and a 20x wagering requirement as an example. Before you can withdraw funds derived from the bonus, you must wager 20×100, or £2,000, first. You may also have to play through the deposit. Wagering requirements would thus be (100+100)20, which would amount to £4,000.

Withdrawal Limits

A casino limits a player’s withdrawals over a certain amount of time, which is fairly self-explanatory. Withdrawal limits can typically be found daily, weekly, or monthly. A VIP member usually has higher withdrawal limits.

Time Limits

You are allowed to withdraw funds multiple times. The number of withdrawals a player can make is limited within a certain timeframe.

Amount Limits:

Amount limits indicate what the maximum withdrawal is for a player. When a player scores a big win at an online casino, such as after a big payout, certain casinos allow long withdrawals. It’s important to check, however, that a certain payment method will only accept a certain amount within a certain period of time (per day or per week), so you don’t get disappointed.

Security Checks/KYC:

New and existing players of each regulated online casino are required to undergo security checks. This requires that the customer is of legal gambling age and that the payment you used be yours.

Despite this, they’re fairly straightforward. The most common requirement is identification (passport, ID card, or driver’s license). A utility bill (proof of address) may also be required. When withdrawing cash via credit/debit card, players are required to upload a photo of both sides of the card.

Having your personal information protected is no problem. Casinos use the latest encryption technology to keep it secure. You can send your documents via e-mail or upload them to a casino’s site. However, most online casinos offer their customers the option of sending documents by e-mail. If you’re a new customer, this can seem a bit tedious, but knowing your casino meets all regulatory obligations is definitely a good sign.