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Is There any Skill in Roulette?

Many beginner players have asked “is there any skill in roulette?” and it is understandable because a lot of Roulette requires some luck for players to win. Luckily, there are bets that you can place as a player to give you that extra edge when playing Roulette.

We all know how the game is designed. There two different colour categories that are separate on the roulette wheel and the table. The Croupier will release the ball and spin it in the opposite direction. So, when the ball has lost its momentum, it will fall into one of the slots at random.

As you may know, Roulette has different variants, American, Premier and French. In all the variations except American, there is a slot for a zero which is coloured green. The American roulette version has two slots for a zero and a double. So, if you want to know how skill relates to Roulette, you will have to read further.

Is there skill in roulette

How does Skill Factor in Roulette?

There is always some skill involved when you are gambling. The first skill that you require when you are playing any gambling game but more especially Roulette is knowing the rules.

However, you will find some gamblers arguing that there is no skill involved when playing Roulette. But that can’t be true because you need to be skilful in some aspects of the game.

For example, learn which bets have a high house edge and which bet has a low one. Another thing that you have to keep in mind is that you need a great deal of skill to be able to manage your bankroll. Some players don’t develop that skill, and they end up with serious problems.


While some skill is involved in any casino gameplay, we should not deny that luck plays a huge part in whether you win or lose.

However, learning which bets can place you in a better position to win is important. Therefore, the skill you need to develop is researching strategies that will help you place the right bets when research. So, yes, there is the skill required in Roulette.

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