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Texas Hol ‘dem Bonus Poker

Texas Hol ‘dem Bonus Poker is a table game that can be found in many UK casino sites online. The poker game is played against the dealer, and your main objective is to have the best hands against the dealer. There is also an option to place additional side bets. Well, discuss what that a little later.

The game of Texas Hol ‘dem Bonus Poker starts when you and the dealer are dealt two ‘hole’ cards. This will then be followed by community cards, which can be used to form a better five-card hand than the dealer. You too can play this poker variant at the Best UK casinos.

Texas Hol ‘dem Bonus Poker is very popular in the United Kingdom. Many players enjoy this table game because it offers an extra element of entertainment that the traditional poker doesn’t provide. You can choose from the gambling sites that we have suggested to play Hol ‘dem Bonus Poker. As with any casino game, you can claim bonuses that are designed exclusively for the game.

Texas-HoldEm Bonus Poker

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Texas Hol ‘dem Bonus Poker Play Structure

There are two ‘hole’ cards, as well as five community cards. In this game, UK casino sites players will be gambling against the dealer. This means that they don’t have the option of competing against other players. The fundamental rules are the same as the traditional poker game. Players have the opportunity to place bets with every round that is played. Here are a few steps to consider when playing the popular game:

  • When the game starts, you as the player will have to place an ‘ante’ bet.
  • Once you have placed the bet and received your ‘hole’ cards, then you can view your cards.
  • You will have to decide on your plan of action.
  • At this point you have two options; you can decide to ‘call’ or ‘fold.’ If you choose to ‘fold’ you should know that the round will end and you will lose your ‘ante’ bet.
  • Choosing the other option will require you to place another bet. The second bet should be higher than the first card.
  • Once the second bet has been placed, the dealer will hand out three community cards.
  • When you have your community cards, then you can choose to either ‘bet’ or ‘check,’ If you decide to ‘Check’ you won’t lose your placed bets. If you decide to bet, then you will have to place an extra bet on the wagers you have already placed. This process will continue until the dealer hands out the fifth community card.

Hol ‘dem Hand Rankings

The hands in Texas Hol ‘dem Bonus Poker are ranked from the strongest hand to the weakest. They are:

  • Royal Flush – If you have an Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten cards that belong to the same suit. Then this is considered a royal flush, and it is the best hand that you can have in a game of Hol ‘dem Bonus Poker.
  • Straight Flush – When you have cards that belong to the same suit and are sequentially ordered, for example, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 of hearts.
  • Four-of-a-kind- these are cards that have the same numerical value, but they don’t have to be of the same suit — for Instance, 5 of hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs.
  • Full house – when you have a full house this means that you have three cards of the same numerical value plus two different cards that are ranked the same — for example, 9 of hearts plus Jack of Spades and Clubs.
  • Flush – having five cards that belong to the same suit but are not numerically ordered, e.g. Ace, 9,6,3 and a King of Hearts. If you and the dealer have a flush the hand that has higher-ranking cards will win the round.
  • Straight – These are cards that are in sequence but do not belong in the same suit. These cards could be 6 of spades, 7 of hearts, 8 of diamonds — 9 of spades and 10 of clubs.
  • Three-of-a-kind – a hand with two un-matching cards and three cards of the same ranking.
  • Two pairs – these are two sets of pairing cards with one random card.
  • Pair – a hand with three unmatched cards and one pair.
  • High card – When you have five cards that don’t belong in the same suit nor do they match. However, these cards are considered high ranking.

Bonus Payouts

Texas Hol ‘dem Bonus Poker is different from other poker variations because there are no qualification requirements for the dealer. As long as you don’t fold, the person with the highest-ranking hand will win the round. Payouts will automatically be deposited to the players’ gambling account, and wagers are generally paid out 1:1.

Texas Hol ‘dem Bonus Poker Game Variations

Majority of the Hol ‘dem poker games played at gambling sites in the UK will have standard rules that we have mentioned above. However, there are two variations of the rules that some casino sites will have.  These are the ‘Las Vegas rules’ and the “Atlantic City rules’ the rules are mostly the same as those mentioned above. The only difference is that the ante will only be paid out if you have a flush or a hand that is better than a straight.

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