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What Are the Symbols in a Slot Machine?

Many classic slot games have the same symbols. These symbols include bars, cherries, lucky number seven, bells and many others. However, times have changed and slots have many different icons now.

What’s more, some of these icons signify a huge payout for slots players. We will journey through time to show you the evolution of slot icons online.  Read this guide to learn more.

Slot Symbols

Fruit Machine Symbols

You may have seen a classic fruit slot machine game at some point in your life. These classic fruit slot machines appear every, on TV and the internet. Many people use them as a symbol of slot machines. So, it’s unlikely that you don’t know a classic slot machine.

Slot symbols allow you to get free spins, payouts and many bonus features. The most common slot icons you’ll find on slot games include wilds, scatters, multipliers and more.

Types of Slot Symbols

As we’ve mentioned before slot icons come in many different ways. These symbols are put in categories like standard, scatter, wild and bonus. It’s these slot icons that make a game entertaining. So, we’ll discuss what all these icons mean and why they are important.

Wild Slot Symbols

These days you will find many different types of wild symbols when you’re playing online slot games at UK casinos. Wild icons in slot games act as a magic wand because you can turn it into anything you want it to be.

The standard function of the wild symbol is to replace the regular icons in a game. Plus, it will help you form a winning combination. However, wild icons don’t have the ability to replace scatter icons.

Sometimes, software developers will make wild multiplier icons. That means you will not only have the ability to form winning combinations but will get a massive payout.

Multiplier Slot Icons

Multiplier symbols have the ability to multiply the payouts from the paylines. For example, if you have a 5x multiplier it means your payout will be multiplied five times. If you find a multiplier symbol on two paylines your payouts on both paylines will be multiplied.

Many players love multiplier symbols and they tend to choose online slot games with a lot of multipliers.

Scatter Slot Symbols

Whenever you see a scatter symbol you can expect to get a payout. It doesn’t matter where it appears on the game, it doesn’t have to be on a payline. Slot players love scatter icons because you only need one or even two to win. Scatter icons are mostly needed in 5-reel slot games because they make the game fun.

When you have enough scatter icons anywhere in the slot game you can win and get a huge payout. What’s more, these symbols can trigger bonus features in the game. You’ll have a massive payout when you have a scatter symbol because it’s one of the highest-paying icons in slots.

Bonus Slot Icons

Bonus symbols are used on slots to activate a bonus game but they differ from scatter icons. You need a certain number of bonus icons spinning in a certain position to get these bonus rounds.