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What Does High Slot Variance Mean?

A high variance slot machine is another type of slot that you can play at an online casino. Online slots are usually available in a variety of variance levels. The game carries a certain amount of risk. Knowing the volatility of the online slots you choose is essential for giving yourself a better chance at winning.

High Variance in Slots Explained

Variance is often overlooked by players interested in online slots or other casino games. To find the best game, they will consider the theme, graphics and minimum stake. It is perfectly fine to do that. You may not always be able to choose your casino games this way.

If you want to maximize your playing experience, you must understand online slot variance. Because it helps you figure out slots’ payouts and frequency of payouts. In casino slots, variance is not the same as the Return to Player (RTP) percentage, representing how much money a slot will give back over many spins. Slot machine variance can be defined as the payout ratio. In many cases, high-volatility slots will offer the same RTP as low and medium-volatility games.

High Online Slot Variance

Low Variance Slots Vs. High Volatility Slots

Slot machines with high variance are for players who want to gamble. Since slot games with high payout symbols often have fewer symbols than those with low payout symbols, but if these symbols do appear, they are likely to win big. Every gambler wishes to win big, so these are the ideal online casino slots to do so. The odds of winning small or medium-sized jackpots are low in high volatility slots. It might take a player a while to reach their first big win after losing a few times. On the other hand, despite the house advantage, high variance slots still offer players substantial chances of massive wins.

Low variance slots are a good option for players with small bankrolls. Due to their higher payout frequency, these offer better casino odds. The best way to win is to win small. Right? Low variance games are a popular strategy among some players. By betting small and scoring a big win, then doubling your wager and aiming for an even bigger win, switch to high volatility slot machines.

If you have a high bankroll or a medium bankroll, you will decide which kind of slot machine to play. With a high variance slot machine, £100 will last you no more than 60 minutes, while the same amount may last you up to 240 minutes. Several small wins within an hour are likely to occur when you play low variance games. A high variance game would have either drained your bankroll by that point or made you a big winner instantly.

In addition to offering big wins, low variance slots also allow you to play for a long time. Slot machines with high variance are likely to pay anywhere between 3000x and 10000x your wager.

The medium variance slot machine falls somewhere in between the two variants. Both low and high jackpots can be won from these machines. The best of both worlds can be found with these games.

Finding Slots with High Variance

Slot machines with high variance are easy to find. It’s not a task if we call it that. Look at the pay table of the game you wish to play to spot a high volatility slot. There are fewer winning symbols in high variance games as the first sign. Nine or fewer of them will be there at most. With other online slot machines, the amounts that each symbol pays may be lower. The bonus features of this type of game, which also includes wild symbols, are very appealing.

A new casino game is released every week, along with action-packed online slots. Because they pay very well, they are very in demand. Casinos with a good reputation will have a large variety of such games on their portfolio.

How to Win Slot Machines with High Variance

Even if you use general strategies, having a strategy is essential before playing any game. In a high volatility slot game, you can try some of these tips and tricks:

  1. To have a successful gambling experience, you need to first master bankroll management. You will be able to play this way responsibly.
  2. You can enjoy your slot gaming to the fullest if you choose games with high return-to-player percentages and high variances.
  3. Starting small and increasing your stakes as you go is the best strategy. You should also research slot games you want to play and try different strategies to determine which one works best.
  4. Expect no payouts – game variances are not guaranteed to pay out every spin. No slot will payout every spin either, so prepare for some dry spins.
  5. Playing slots requires a lot of energy, so take a break. When you feel tired after playing for a while or are on a losing streak, it is okay to take a break.