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What is the Difference Between Baccarat and Mini-Baccarat?

There’s a big difference between Baccarat and Mini-Baccarat.  For example, the players alternate between being the Banker and the Dealer.  The banker in the former, and the dealer holds the cards in the latter.

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Baccarat and Mini Baccarat

Baccarat Vs Mini Baccarat

The banker and the player each receive two cards in Baccarat vs Mini-Baccarat. The player that comes closest to nine wins. Players who have more than nine cards lose the first digit of their total.

An example would be if the player had eight and nine cards worth 17, then the one would be dropped, and the value of the cards would change to seven. A third card is dealt if the cards’ value is less than five.

Depending on the outcome, you can bet on a banker win, player win, or tie. Each outcome will result in a different payout. Player cards are dealt face up to the dealer, who then announces the totals.

The dealer will give the banker a card and then repeat the process with the one who holds the cards. The dealers play each hand alone without any input from other players.  Mini baccarat usually moves a bit faster than a standard Baccarat game.

Playing Mini Baccarat is simple and easy. Depending on the outcome, either the banker or the player wins. There are three possible outcomes. Each outcome has its payout.

Differences Between Baccarat Vs Mini-Baccarat

It is a very similar game with a few differences, but it follows the same rules.


Eight decks of cards are used in the standard version of baccarat. The shoe is passed around in a clockwise direction, just like in poker or dice. And all players have the opportunity to be bankers. The table can typically accommodate 14 players and three dealers. Two dealers sit on the left and right of the middle dealer.

The middle dealer will deal the cards, while the two dealers on the left and right will pay winnings and collect losing bets.  Usually, high rollers bet on standard baccarat, and this is a very serious game. The game takes place in an area cordoned off from the main casino floor with a black-tie dress code that includes tuxedos.

Mini Baccarat

As a result, Mini-Baccarat differs from standard baccarat because there is only one banker in Mini-Baccarat, and only six decks of cards are placed in the shoe.  These cards remain with the dealer.

A maximum of seven to nine players can play at one Mini Baccarat table with smaller bets placed in the game.  Multiple tables are usually available on the casino floor. Furthermore, the house edge in Mini Baccarat is lower than that of the standard game.