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What Number hits the Most in Roulette?

Many roulette players bet on the number 17 because they believe it has magical winning properties. The superstitious nature of people is no secret. Police react to their gut feelings, students take standardized tests and cross their fingers, and hotel owners jump straight from 12 to 14 in their floor plan. There are some numbers that players prefer to others in roulette. What do you think of this story, and is it an old wives’ tale or simply what it sounds like? Were humans stuck in a slowly overheating RNG machine regarding luck and probability, or are we tapped into something greater?

Lucky Number in Online Roulette

The Legendary Number 17

17 is generally regarded as the most valuable number on the roulette board due to its high payouts. It was lucky number 17 that gave Newcastle boss £1.3 million. The three consecutive victories of Sean Connery on 17. Newcastle’s boss Mike Ashley loves the number 17 and is known for it. The number 17 on the back of his football shirt brings him luck, and he won £1.3 million in one spin after placing a “complete” bet on it. As luck would have it, he received the number he had been hoping for. How can you explain this if everything is random?

Croupiers will always say that 17 is the most popular number bet on. Additionally, since it is in the center of the board, it is the most obvious place to place a wager, and MIT describes 17 as the “most random” number, meaning that when people pick a random number, they choose 17. Humans have been asked to choose a number from 1 to 20, and 17 has been the most frequently selected number. It was closely followed by 7. RNGs that are computer-generated do not have this bias.

Consequently, the massive wins commonly associated with 17 might be caused by people betting more on it. Before his big break, Ashley most likely bet a lot on 17.

Sean Connery’s Staggering Win

That doesn’t explain Sean Connery’s amazing feat on the roulette wheel. According to reports, he had placed five bets on 17 while playing at Casino de la Vallee in Saint-Vincent, Italy. Despite losing the first two games, he kept playing. He won on 31:1 odds the third time he drew the number. Not content with that, he decided to stake all of his winnings on the number 17.

The movie star has won again, despite all odds. Rather than walk away, Connery tempted fate and bet everything he had on the 17 for a fifth and final time. And he won. There seems to be a 50% chance of hitting three single number wagers in a row or 0.0000197%. Though strangely, it would be the same number three times in a row, mathematically speaking, it’s just as likely as Connery betting any other number correctly. Even so, it doesn’t lessen its bizarreness. How can this possibly be happening? Roulette’s number 17 may truly be mythical.

Connery may have taken advantage of a bias on the roulette wheel. Even though the first two times it missed the mark, the roulette wheel may be extremely risky. Maybe Connery just wanted some excitement! Sadly, we’ll never really know how the number 17 got its name. Nevertheless, we understand the appeal of it!

Other Common Roulette Lucky Numbers

After 17, people are likely to bet on seven since it is considered a lucky number. Additionally, everyone knows that everything is better in threes. In Western culture, these numbers are all considered lucky. It is entirely different in eastern casinos what the most common numbers are to bet on. It is known in Asian casinos that the number two means double your chance and double your luck!

Least Favourite Roulette Numbers to Bet On

The number 13 tends to be avoided by people, as we have already mentioned. In most Western cultures, its unluckiness is widely recognized. It is, however, unlucky to have the number 17 in Italy. In other words, if you bet with an Italian, you can expect them to do the opposite of what you might expect. Generally speaking, players dislike betting on the zeros, perhaps because of their placement on the board and possibly because of their unlucky associations with the house edge.


There are so many great success stories surrounding the number 17, which is probably why many people bet on it. A few big wins have been associated with seven as well, making it very common. More popularity for these numbers increases their popularity and luck, as people will bet on them more – for further fame and fortune.

Mathematics says that you have an equal chance of winning no matter which number you choose. It’s fine to use a number spread that means a lot to you, like a birthday or a wedding anniversary. You can count on them to come up as often as anyone else. If your numbers are called, you’ll have even more reason to choose them. Keeping this in mind when you play online for real money is a good idea.