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What Are the Odds of Hitting 00 on Roulette?

Hitting 00 on roulette is only possible in American roulette. Because that’s the only roulette game that has a double zero. The 00 bets are known as the “row bet”, and it has a payout of 35/1.

This type of bet is not available in other roulette games. For example, European roulette or French roulette don’t have 00 pockets. Read this guide If you’d like to know more about the odds of a row bet in American roulette.

Hitting 00 on American Roulette

Row Bet Odds in American Roulette

If you wager on the 0 or the 00 in American online roulette, you have a 37/1 chance of hitting 00. The odds are 18/1 against you winning the 00 bets in American roulette. So, if you bet £1, you can expect to get a -£0,053 payout. The table below will illustrate this point below:

Bet Name Payout Odds
0 35/1 37/1
00 35/1 37/1

However, the house edge doesn’t change. It doesn’t matter what bet you place in roulette. It could be the long shot (0 or 00) or the safer outcomes (black or red). In American roulette, it’s 5.26% and 2.7% on the European roulette game.

Improving Your Odds at Hitting 00 on Roulette

You need to know the odds and bets of any casino game you play. Remember that American roulette is considered a game with the worst odds because of the house edge (5.26%). Nevertheless, there are some strategies that you can use to gain some advantage. Here are a few tips for stretching your bankroll:

1.      Stick to the Table Minimum

When playing American roulette, ensure that you stick to the minimum. The game contains a lot of risks and needs to save your bankroll for as long as possible. You can also place outside bets because they pay 1 to 1. What’s more, they cover 18 of the 38 combinations.

2.      Place Bets of Equal Amounts

To maximise your chances of winning in American roulette, you can place two bets of equal amounts. Then, you can place two other wagers as outside bets. For example, you can place a bet on black and then place a column 3 bet. This column has eight red numbers on the American roulette wheel.

Double Zero Odds Overview

While hitting 00 on roulette may seem like a challenge, there are ways to get around the house edge. We have many roulette strategies to help you gain an advantage against the house. If you’re still a beginner at roulette, we suggest choosing other games with better odds. These games include European roulette and French roulette.