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NHS Boss Sends Letter to UK Gambling Operators to Help Fight Gambling-Related Harm

NHS Boss, Claire Murdoch, has taken it upon herself to tackle the scourge of gambling addiction. The head of the National Health Service (NHS) wrote a letter to some of the biggest gambling operations in the United Kingdom. The letter enlisted bet365, GVC Holdings, William Hill, Flutter Entertainment and BetFred. The letter also shared the NHS Boss’ concerns that some gambling operators used marketing material to target people that are vulnerable to problem gambling. The letter also explained that offering free bets and free tickets as well as VIP experiences in gambling to UK gamblers that are susceptible to gambling addiction.

According to the NHS Boss, Claire Murdoch pointed out that these incentives should not be allowed at gambling operations. These stricter regulations will ensure that those who struggle to control their compulsive gambling don’t get hooked back into the cycle of gambling addiction. Murdoch also shared her personal experience as a former nurse. She mentioned that she has dealt with people who felt the severe impact of the addiction.

NHS Boss Sends Letter to Top UK Gambling Operators

Streaming Live Sports Matches Should be Stopped Says NHS Boss

Besides critiquing some of the practices that gambling operators conduct that enable excessive gambling. The letter that was written by the NHS boss also mentioned that live streaming of sports matches should be stopped. She said that this is to stop gamblers from spending more than they can afford.

Many anti-gambling stakeholders have criticised the “bet to view” feature on sports streaming companies. Many have said that streaming live sports matches with the betting feature could have a negative impact on people who enjoy watching sports. She further noted that this feature could lure people who are not interested in gambling.

Connection Between Professional Football and Gambling Criticised

There are currently 27 football clubs out of the 44 in England that are sponsored by gambling operators. This practice has received criticism from many people over the years. The NHS boss explained that the link between the sporting organisations and gambling companies was disturbing. She labeled some tactics by gambling operators as shameful.

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